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The entire word is watching you
Pumping useless stocks and useless crypto’s. All
You short legitimate currencies like BSV
— Tesla ceo shills to join China pump n dumps (GME AMC) ANd Shills cute useles meme dog token TO millions of followers on Twitter— TOTALLY LEGAL BRO
The entire market goes up and bsv stays stagnant-

You Jews and chinks need to gtfo my world. I’m going to execute all Chinese Americans all jew Americans all South Korean Americans all Somalian Americans - and the list will continue to be added to-

South African Americans are not welcome either. White or black. Fuck you.

None of you disgusting modern-day-satanic-jew-mindset beings will survive.

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it is jews, but it's really Satan.

Satan is the very core, root, and foundation. The tendrils of his princes and principalities spread forth from the material seed of the Mysterious Force, which came from the jews, because jews are the children of the devil and are the Synagogue of Satan. Since jews are the first born children of satan, he used them as the primary spreaders of diabolical seeds on this earth and has rewarded them with the greatest power in this world. All occultism is strongly related to jewish strains of mysticism and thought. Witchcraft is essentially kabbalistic, as is freemasonry. All occultism, even if it claims more root in more ancient (ie egyptian) mysticism is essentially under the umbrella of global jewry's mysterious force. The "illuminati" although has been psy-op'ed as a term, was a real and powerful force in europe ala Adam Weishaupt who really did found the lodges of illuminated freemasonry, which did much of the work to express fully the New Age of Man doctrines which fomented and accelerated the democratic revolutions of enlightenment era europe. Enlightenment era itself is a term which came from masonry, which refers to their illumination, which refers to the light of Lucifer, which people like Alexander Pike admit is their core.

Freemasonry and all occult systems outright was the jews way, and satans way, to bind the gentiles into the tendrils of the power of jewry and thus the enslaving bond of satan.

All jews worship the devil, because a jew by definition is somebody that rejects Christ.
>b-b-b-but Jesus was a jew
John 8:44 - Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. [Jesus talking to jews]
Also illuminated freemasons were literally a kabbalistic occult system who referred to their illumination as the light of Lucifer, so I'm not sure how they would have been fighting the Devil with Lucifer's light

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I feel like I am ready to become hitler 2.0

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Kill yourself faggot.

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>suit him up
>strap him in
>throw him down
pic related

>yeah but who was angels
hint: look in the mirror

>lmao its just all so .. absurd
admittedly it's a lot to take in at once when you've grown up in the (((modern))) world
you'll realize in time that it's true

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>nice Father and Son "chat"
things got out of hand...

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>suit him up
>strap him in
>send him down
here we go...

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I don't even want money anymore. I just want to rip off strips of my skin and scream at the first stranger I see. I feel like a wild fucking animal. Raw and ruined by gains. I can't fit into this society full of brainwashed normie faggots anymore. They disgust me. How can these nocoiners keep living their miserable complacent lives?

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