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Man, it’s like TSLA literally can’t lose.

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What? I don’t know what you’re saying.

If you’re selling/writing options and the contract reaches above the strike/below the strike before expiring. You gotta hold up your end of the deal buddy and either sell that stock at the agreed strike (Naked Call) or buy that stock at the agreed strike price (Naked put). You have to be approved for level 3 options trading by your broker because of above risk.

If you’re simply buying a contract and it hits above strike/below strike, that change in current market to strike price should automatically be in your contract (intrinsic value), if it’s got a decent amount to expiring chances are it’s got some decent extrinsic value too (what others think this contract should be worth). Don’t sell options at expiry, ideally a month or few weeks out from expiring.

Please stay away from options trading until you learn a little more, you WILL lose money.

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Yeah let me get uhhhh space tourism

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