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Yes. Do you feel upset by posts pointing out this fact?

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Alright brainlets, so if he didn’t go through with that final sale how much did he make?

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Comfy dip

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Suck me please daddy

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Yes Pepe gives you more pepe all day everyday

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Just feeling comfy

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Tuxedo PEPE ++
I'm riding this out to $7. No if and doubts about it. Dump on me if you wish
Hodl for gains

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>Super light green id
GMI. Welcome aboard the citadel.

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>First decentralised exchange for non-fungible tokens. This allows anyone to sell an NFT ( like a gun for a game they like, a piece of art etc) on their exchange.
>Mark Cuban recently gave exposure to the prospect of NFT's, said they were the next big thing:
>$15million market cap
>Only 400k circulating MUSE, supply squeeze is imminent.>Supply spread nicely across investors, no real possibility of a rug pull. The top wallet holds only 2.4949% of the circulation.
>Developers have provided information regarding the possibility of dividends being sent to wallet holders after each transaction. Meaning, MUSE holders get 100% of the transaction fees distributed amongst them. Hypothetically, This means that if you have 5,000 coins, you make 1/100th of the pool. If they make $1,000,000 in fees per day, you will make $10,000 in a single day. For doing absolutely fucking nothing.

Buying MUSE under $2.00 was the best decision of my life. Bought some more during the crash in the last couple hours.


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>no idea what defi is
>haven't read a single whitepaper
>watched zero conferences
>all in since 2018

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Asko is a fucking pajeet

do some research and realize that you don't know what you're doing. its ok you're gonna make it but not by being an ape. take the time to learn about the space and learn how to make smart informed decisions.

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How does 100% sound?

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make a swing now wait 2 hours make 10 in coin gains!! Im not gonna rope

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TFW 2x*ing out of pure luck

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When will they learn that, ONCE AGAIN, I will never ever sell my Linkies? Not even a single serg (0.000000000000000001 LINK)? How many years have I said this? How many times must I repeat myself? Your resistance only makes my hands stronger you vicious, greedy little manipulators.

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Crypto is a new space & markets are heavily affected by what signal is receiving the highest broadcast inside of that space.
Know what’s happening and understand it before the masses and you can literally pay yourself for being informed.
Stay away from twitter and tracebook unless its a dev team, the noise/signal ratio is far to loud to have any meaning. Ae: in if there are 50 shit coin threads its really hard to find the gem.



An interesting intersection between markets and high signal articles that will help you develop a deeper understanding of the space. Nothing groundbreaking but the people on wall street who are getting into crypto are most likely using something similar.


Tips by anons:
got a hot tip not related to a shitcoin, post it and it will be added to the next general.

learn how marketcap / supply works
Learn how to research projects and don’t buy things with anon developers.

Philosophy & Ethic:

please for your own sake DYOR!!!!!!


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How do you say "bag holder" in your native language?

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This is why you will never make it, paper hands bitch.

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How many white papers have you read? Link and summarize your top 3. Please tell me how useless API or oracles are for blockchain. Please tell me how useless a DEX aggregator, which is also a DEX itself, is that neweggs swaps for you and will have future gas reduction integration. Please tell me how competing micro-economies and their monetary policies are useless. Please give me Israel Kirzner's definition of a competitive free market.

It's time you prepare your sister's asshole. The castor oil is ready.

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Do you have an extensive background in economics?

Do you understand the implications blockchain technology has for human civilization?

Do you pour over the white papers and do background research on the teams?

Are you aware of the growth of DEFI and the moves being made into derivatives and non-custodial trading?

Are you aware that big name financial institutions and governments are getting involved in crypto?

Do you really think your pathetic government fiat can hold a candle to the immutable SOV that is crypto currency?

Do you even understand Tokenomics and how revolutionary it is?

Yes or no?

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