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At least Trudy won't cut your social safety net...

Mitch and Mnuchin look to be ready to initiate the Second Great American Mortgage Default Crisis

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nah but the next picture is a little risqué.
>tfw no goth gf

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I've only been here since the crash in March but what the fuck is with all the shitcoin threads? Jesus is smg the only worthwhile thread on biz? Feels like it's gotten even worse recently.

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OK but how large are the breasts of the tellers at your local branch, and what kind of shoes do they wear, and what are the carpets like? Do they have those shitty pens on a chain or are they civilized enough to have many free pens? What brand of coffee do they keep in their keurigs?

These are the important questions I need answered by our bank inspector.

OK I did like her. Man, Catholic girls really are just anal champions.

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I can't tell anymore which of you are the posters I know and like and which ones just stole their images and file names...

RIP that one good quints poster.

based murph

b-bro reallly?
Is it time to protect against downside risk with TWM?? IS IT TIME?!!?

DIX and GEX still look damn good...

it's getting real bad again

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