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Biden won't make a big commitment to any war because it's an election year, right?

itrade fuckin sucks because they want to protect their customers, yet they'll give out a line of credit for anything, makes me think

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half in half out a good strategy right now?

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How is inflation a thing?
Like just print more money lol

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The last time I saw a bearish monthly candle we were at 25k. Do with this information what you will.

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Do you guys have jobs or are you all unemployed NEETs

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i am 20 years old and i have no clue what to do for a career

right now I have $40,000 saved up. I work at the post office, and it's fun to walk around and listen to cum town and wear a cute little uniform, but recently I've been working long hours. I work 6/7 days a week and I watch the sun rise and set during every shift. Working around 55 hours a week, making $1800 per bimonthly check

I see people who became a mailman as a "temporary" job - then they have a kid, or get married, and then 10 years go by, and they don't have any transferable skills so they're stuck. It is a scary future and when I look at some of these people I feel like I am looking into a twisted carnival mirror at my future self.

My other options seem equally dire - my friends are all in college but I know some of them are in massive debt. I'm not sure if I would be able to justify taking out loans. I realize I haven't asked a specific question but I'm still going to post this anyway. Any advice is appreciated

here are some specific questions:
>is moving out and renting worth it? I can hear my mom snore every night and I think they can hear me jack off through the walls
>where can I meet girls? I'm in a small town and I don't ever see girls unless maybe one is working at the gas station
>what's the best way to buy a used car? should you use facebook marketplace or go to a dealership
>is delusional optimism better than rational pessimism?


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There are strategies?

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>Your muscles loosen immediately after death, releasing any strain on your bowel and bladder. As a result, most people poop and pee at death
This is how I know I did CPR on a dead body for 7 minutes.

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Can you please teach a humble retard?

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>r/atheism neckbeards seething about christians
>complaining about old testiment
>reply saying yeah jews are stupid
>week ban

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Can Wojack follow PEPE?

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The fucking overtime you fudders are putting in. I hope servers see this and do their own research. One thing I know if a project on biz is being shilled and fudded hard it’s special.

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Let’s do a little poll. How many here really are from Reddit? Don’t be shy.

Type R = Redditor
Type B = Hate redditors and everything they stand for.

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Needing a reason after more than a decade.

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>We're pumping Saylor's bags

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Zenon has entered a dark zone of double psyop and schizo end game. All the time it’s just the only alt that will matter.

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You honestly think Zenon is a joke? Liters;y it’s clear people as connected as Jack Dorsey is partially connected through Spiral. Pretty sure Lightning network guys are working on it and Joseph Poon is literally in the telegram most days under his pseudonym. Do you have any fucking idea of the problems Zenon is basically solving? You fucking clowns Livi the ass of VC scams like ICP and get rekd and ignore Zenon which Mogs ICP so hard it’s not funny. And your faggot paki bro level intelligence thinks yeah but line no go up so shit. You pathetic nigger VC cum guzzling fuckwit.

Even the forum has more real development than any top CMC shitcoin in crypto. Zenon will actually change crypto and not fucking hype change. It scales Bitcoin, it makes Bitcoin feeless, it solves the mining problem of Bitcoin. It’s scales all crypto, decentralizes it for real. Because the devs set out to make something great that was needed not some BS that is created to make VC’s rich.

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>1000 shares of triple leverage regional bank bull ETF bought at close
How fucked/rich will I be tomorrow?

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You really believe every pepe poster is a bot? Lol

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Aight niggas, give it to me straight. Is the crypto train long gone

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Weed isnt addictive, porn isnt addictive. I mean this in the sense that your body will do just fine if you cold turkey both of these out, its not like you are doing opiates or meth. The only reason you "addicted" is because you got too much free time on your hands. Do something with your life, study, get a job(doesnt need to be 80k yearly office job a manual labor one will do), get a hobby, just stop having so much free time.
A man once said "Monke in wylde dont masturbate only in captivity, wat means?" Think about this quote.

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I’m getting $10k worth of my company’s stock at the end of the month. It’s a Japanese company so I’m kind of apprehensive about how it will perform in the near future. Should I sell all of my stock and invest in something else? If so, what?

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