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>my only option is to walk (an activity that I fucking hate) to make some extra bucks on stepn

have you planed on getting a real set of options?

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>he thinks BAYC is going anywhere (despite celebrity contracts not running out just yet...)
>he thinks (unironically and ilogically) that sports-related nfts have no future (NBA Top Shot etc)
>he doesn't know about Stepn
>he doesn't know about Azuki
>he doesn't know about LuckyB

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So whats this all about real state blockchain? isnt the whole idea on crypto is to be de-centralized? If the whole concept of property is still tied to several entities

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He took your money and bought himself 50 watches, 50 gay necklaces and 50 supercars.

He tried to protect you, didnt he? What a good guy.

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Its not like you are not being spoofed in this precise moment you know? data analytics are constantly reviewing your information

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maybe you should try it by urself and let us know

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Yeah anon ofc we care so mutch about it

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