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Accounting tricks are especially easy at the very beginning of the year. But desu that could easily be the case. These funds have their ups and downs. Shorting GME was the right move at a certain place and time in the market, some just didn't make it out the door before the others. One month in the life of a hedge fund doesn't tell even a chapter of the story.

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>tfw only cost $0.20 to with withdraw from cuckdotcom
I've known for a long time that fees are better, but man especially now this is something that will be more and more attractive to the masses. Dirt cheap transactions.

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BA in History & minor is Secondary Education

I teach ancient history at a middle school. Covid fucked everything up this year and it definitely made my job suck more. Financially, it kinda sucks starting out but, after a few years and tenure/higher ed., it gets better.

I'm into crypto to make a nice pile of 'fuck you' money to enjoy my life. I don't plan on quitting my job even after I 'make it.'

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shobify :D

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