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>8.5 bitcoin

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>dumps 10%
>recovered already

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I know you have to apply for margin/short trading but is it normal to have to apply for options trading as well? I'm using Fidelity

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If s&p closes near high of day today on decent volume you can reasonably assume the dip is probably over and close some bearish bets out. If it does another green open, mild move up, then slump in to close like yesterday, snibby is in control and we're in for more chop. People are way too willing to buy dips here for further push downwards to be likely.

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>stonks are STILL going up
Give that a minute. I have sell signals on the daily SPY and SPX500USD. However, gold's correlation with the index is more complicated than simple inverse. Throughout the last several decades it has ranged between positive, negative and no correlations. Stocks and gold rising in tandem over a period of months is not unprecedented.

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Can you feel it?

Another year of crab market!

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My best guess is its either a clarification of the problems with the FDA that likely ended favorably for GALT resulting in a public press conference about it or its a partnership. They're calling it a corporate update which is interesting to me.

I don't see the case for it being a bad thing. Its either neutral/good or very good imo.

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>is it $261.96
or it was, at market close.
the market opens again tomorrow mornings

set an alarm, get all your money in a brokerage account, and start buying everything you can grab

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The entire thing is just like a public fight between a dude and his side chick.

We all know no matter what she says that she does in fact want to jump his bones and ride the dick.
>Sexual Golden Bull will run again shortly

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maybe i'll go to bed right now even though its still early just to be green

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>mfw woke up green

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>chainlink will die in your lifetime

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