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Look into it but i don't blame you if you think it's a scam. This board is full of shitcoins and scams. I remember when i first came onto this board i bought shit like rubic and doge coin kek. Here's something to think about though. If you browse this board everyday, take notice of how many threads there are to how bad of an investment chainlink is. Isn't it strange how chainlink is the only crypto that constantly gets shit on daily?

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Holy shit the fud actually works on new fags lol. If you're being serious of whether or not it's a good investment, the short answer is yes. Chainlink is the best investment you can make. I honestly believe it will make all the retards on this board extremely rich. I don't want to spoonfeed you, go to the archives and look for yourself. All the research and constant debates of whether or not Link is a good investment has been talked about for years. All the evidence is out in the open and yet no one notices until Link will hit 1k then people will wonder "Man why didn't i invest in link back in 2018 - 2023 it was so obvious!".
Bitcoin used to cost dollars and understading what crypto currency does is pretty simple yet there are normies who still don't understand bitcoin and it's purpose. So why would you expect normies to understand what an oracle is? Buy Link and wait. Or commit suicide in a few years when you find out you discovered the golden ticket but you threw it away

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Did they really name one quintillionth of a LINK a "Juel?"

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That's like saying putting $100 in bitcoin when it was at 3k won't do much. I'm guessing you're a new fag so i suggest you start looking into chainlink more and ignore the fud. What other coin brings so much hate on this board? Why are their threads dedicated to how bad chainlink is? Why do they spend hours of their day everyday on an investment that "isn't needed"? It's to keep new fags like yourself and redditors who visit this board from buying any link. To make you think that Link is a terrible investment and to keep you from doing any research. My advice to you is to get at least 1k link, if you can't simply invest more and more every week. If you get at least 1k link you'll be in the top 22k holders. Imagine that, there are more than 8 billion people in the world and only 22k have a good amount of link. The more you research link the mtheore you'll want to have. Do not waste this opportunity anon, I still regret not buying bitcoin at 3k and ethereum at $10

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Guys please I’m literally begging you guys to get rich. The bottom is absolutely in.

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Respond with images disproving them and move on. They want you to engage them. You validate them by engaging

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Wow you seem upset, does it anger you I’m not ESL and also never fucking selling?

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