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C. Gathering an Army against Babylon (Is 13:2-6)
The first part of the oracle describes the massing of a great army to
attack Babylon: The LORD of hosts is mustering a host for
battle (Is 13:4).
Here God reveals himself as a mighty warrior accompanied by
courageous men who will carry out his plans and designs in battle
against the wicked Babylon. I myself have commanded my
consecrated ones, have summoned my mighty men to execute
my anger . . . (Is 13:3).
The gathering point for this army is a mountain on which a military
standard (flag) has been raised. Around this standard the soldiers,
summoned from distant lands, gather as a rallying point (13:2).
This is God’s army, armed with the weapons of his indignation
(13:5), advancing on Babylon.

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"COVID" mountain

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I was just watching this movie last night too:

>New York’s “COVID” mountain
pic related

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>he said he felt like he was growing a horn above his right ear, and he felt like it was his connection with God
>it's intense as fuck

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>>To the good he will say: —My children, come! Lucky ones, you possess the kingdom I have kept for you ever since the world was created!
>The energy of 21st to 22nd was just crazy
>you could cut the tension in the air with a air
my body was buzzing all week (literally waves of goosebumps flowing across my body and reaching my head and temples
similar to the Moses horns I had last year


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>One day, LessWrong user Roko postulated a thought experiment: What if, in the future, a somewhat malevolent AI were to come about and punish those who did not do its bidding?

One day, Moses postulated a thought experiment: What if, in the past-present-future, a jealous God, who always existed, were to come about and punish those who did not obey his commandments?

lol and these computer (((geniuses))) think they are so smart
man, pick up a bible wise-guy
everything you thought was an original idea came from there dumbass

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As Evola describes it, occult warfare is essentially identical to metapolitics.

Metapolitics deals with the underlying causes and conditions of political change. Metapolitics operates on two levels: intellectual and organizational. Metapolitical ideas include moral systems, religions, collective identities (tribal, national, racial), and assumptions about what is politically possible. Metapolitical organizations propagate metapolitical ideas, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Examples of metapolitical movements include the European New Right and North American New Right.

Small metapolitical changes can lead to vast political transformations over time. For instance, the values articulated in the Sermon on the Mount eventually overthrew the whole ancient world. But since metapolitical causes are often remote from political effects, and since metapolitical causes are often abstract and esoteric ideas entertained by only a few, metapolitics is invisible to most people, who focus only on the concrete and immediate. Metapolitics is, therefore, “occult” in the literal sense of the word, i.e., “hidden.” But it is often hidden in plain view and need take no special precautions to conceal itself from the public eye.

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>I was also the original faggot who provided the LINK = 616 knowledge to this disgusting shit board
>neets with self induced psychosis from solitude come up with the craziest shit
why do you hold contempt for your audience?
it's something sinister beneath the modern social media discourse
they're pouring venom over all discussions
a spirit is manifesting in the world today and it's not good
people are panicked and wide eyed with fear
they don't know what's coming
don't make their lives worse by just adding on to the shit discourse of the day
I only attack back but don't provoke for that reason

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>the deceptions of the children of darkness will collapse, their plots will be revealed, their betrayal will be shown, their frightening power will end in nothing

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many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it

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>tfw Moses was said to have horns after speaking with God

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>what the fuck are you talking about?
>i'm literally here every single day for three years and i've never heard of this shit before
check it out for yourself
all verifiable

>we received a time travel riddle last year that involved cosmic geometry and immuniglobulin e antibody nomenclature as the cypher.


index it against the chainlink price chart dates and announcements and prepare for your view on reality to fundamentally experience a quantum leap

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>Thats up to us
"Don't ask me how I know this but the lack of doom lately is caused by a wildcard, someone who the Illuminati did not expect. This person apparently came out of nowhere, he is a nothing a nobody, yet much hangs in the balance because of him, lol that's God for ya. Everything is delayed until this issue is dealt with, rumor has it around July 4th it could be concluded. Then again it could get dragged on, I truly do not know.

Know this, God takes what man considers to be nothing, and makes him everything. God has done this more than once, and this time so much hangs in the balance. For the people that are not in the loop, well you won't even know something extraordinary happened. When this issue gets cleared up the doom comes. Then once again God will take what man considers to be nothing, and make him everything.

I asked for people to not ask how i know what I know. I know someone will pester me on how i know such things. Well this is what I can say. I am a bird on a branch and i am looking into the room where the Illuminati meet, that is how i know what i know."

For those who believe, no explanation is necessary, for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.

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Cognate: 42 hagiōsýnē (another feminine noun derived from 40 /hágios) – holiness (sanctification) which focuses on the Holy Spirit's influence of preparing the believer for eternity. (The suffix, -synē, expresses this transformation as a character-quality that comes by the grace of God.) See 40 (hagios).

42 /hagiōsýnē ("holiness/sanctification") is "the brand" of God's sanctification that brings His gift of holiness so the believer can fully enjoy eternal life now and in the hereafter. This specific "holiness results from (the process of) 38 /hagiasmós" (Abbott-Smith).

[42 (hagiōsýnē) shares the same essential meaning as its root 40 /hágios ("holy, see there).]

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>He sits in the shelter of The Highest and is glorified in the shadow of God.

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>I'm not religious but this bitch was literally holding a golden idol saying how she only got their by killing her child. Wild shit.
it's an old story for a reason

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140 years
Strongs concordance 140:
“My Lord has arisen”

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wonderful find

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>Matthew 6:22 (KJV)
>The light of the body is the eye: if
>therefore thine eye be single, thy
>whole body shall be full of light.

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God isn't an alien, however he's definitely physically real
Satan was thrown down from space

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C-3rd letter
Strong's 3 = "Abaddon, Destroyer (i.e. Destroying Angel) or place of destruction (personified)."

OVID - sheep

Strongs 19 = "slaughter"

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>Fear of the Lord is a sense of awe and wonder in regard to God. It gives us a greater realization that God is all-powerful. This gift gives a desire to not offend God, not because of our fear of punishment, but because of our great love for him. Just as with Piety, fear of the Lord springs from love.

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>12 But ye gave the Nazarites wine to drink; and commanded the prophets, saying, Prophesy not.
>13 Behold, I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves.
Absolutely based.

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