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They'll return when the time is right

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The fact I'm making post after post without substance? Oh wait that's tl9rcfFK

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Why do I have to sign up and verify to an exchange (hand over sensitive info) to buy monero? It seems like a scam.

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>No previous thread
You blew it

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>Stop doing that.

I felt like it was going somewhere. We've been sexual a few times and she's always super responsive. The last several months she's asked me a lot for weed/drinks but was always super kind and honest about it. Usually kissed me goodbye too.

She was either using me to get stuff or I was always her second choice until the best guy came around...it's so easy to get caught up in feeling like you're important to someone. I guess I'll try spreading a wider net next time.

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Rolling for CLF

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I regret ever leaving
I really hope there's a dip I can buy today before the weekend

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>+300 at beginning of AH
>-200 at AH close

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Melvin beat me. I gave into despair and sold at what I put in. It climbed just after. I'm not cut out for this sort of thing

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>TFW didn't buy TVIX options February 2020 during the volatility pump.

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Signed up for Ameritrade and Robinhood like 5 days ago to get in on this insanity and neither of those faggots have approved my account. AMC is my only hope now and it still won't be anything close to gamestop.

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I just won't know what to buy...
Every fucking time I get confident in a particular stock and be on top of all the DD possible it fucking dumps, fucking rubs salt in the wound that we're in such a bull market right now

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tfw 20% VAT on silver in UK

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>So many people will never experience the bliss of a traditional, Napoletanean wood-fire oven pizza. The thin crust, the impossibly savory tomatoes, the fragrant basil and the creamy fior di latte mozzarella. They only thing they'll ever know is whatever localized bastard version of pizza is prevalent in their shitty culture.

No wonder the world is on the brink of madness. Stay safe Italybros, you are our only hope.

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>want to get a bag of STA because its cheap as fuck and why not FOMO
>too lazy to get a metamask account because the gas fees are scary and I don't understand it

Is there any hope for a normie boomer like me?

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ive lost 100k on this shit. im embarrassed and quite frankly suicidal

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f my life

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If a crash happens will I be able to get my cash out of Robinhood in time before it defuncts

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Can I buy a gf with crypto

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PLEASE bitcoin. Don't break 10k
Chainlink was supposed to be your substitute
Crash already fucking boomer coin old tech nobody cares about you

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