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Spelled best wrong

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The cringe is real

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Fuck you all.
Cardano is literally THE best L1 chain.
>best staking, no lockup, no bounding, no slashing, auto compounding
>extended UTXO model (BEST IN CLASS)
>native tokens
(Ethereum tokens need a smart contract and you can only send one token per transaction; yikes, how embarrassing)
>gigabrain developers writing Haskell smart contracts
>clear scaling solutions with Hydra
>based libertarian founder that is not afraid to call out the Rothschilds on stream

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I love Charles.
Sometimes he does basedboy stuff, but he is such a great guy to advance crypto in general.
This board treats him really unfairly.

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DAPPS in two weeks sir

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Slays it. Daily.

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Master the art of falconry

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