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Decentr-anons... have you actually looked into the details of this project? I've just spent some time skimming through their Whitepapers, thanks to your insistence in these threads, and... for the love of GOD. I've seen my share of silly Whitepapers before, but this one. Now this is something else. Just look at their "Technical Whitepaper": https://decentr.net/files/Decentr_Technical_Whitepaper_Data_As_Economic_Currency.pdf.

It's got everything. A "radically new type of AI". A "radically new consensus mechanism". Also something something IoT, cloud computing and sustainable energy. There's even a chapter about "Gender Analysis and Policy" and "Innovation in the Arts" in there somewhere. And the whole document looks like it was copy&pasted together in MS Word by a 14-year old, the night before the due date of his high school project. What an absolute clusterfuck. And it's gonna do all of this with the team in pic related, which I must assume are all absolute luminaries in their fields.

I hope you're not hanging all of your hopes and dreams onto this, because this cannot possibly end well.

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