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I don't know what to do fellas. Before this bull run I've just been happy playing with my internet coins. At this point my portfolio could really change my life

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Times have changed, and we must change with them.

This is the Money Skelly. A hybrid species: Part zombie, part pedo, 100% autist.

The very definition of autist follows his lead alone. There is no alternative.

Lower your head in shame for this is what you shall aspire to be from this moment forward.

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I believe in autism

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In before..
> EIP-1559 hur dur DEFLATIONARY
This marketing gimmick meme started being shilled to retards in October 2019. Since then 6 Million more ETH has been minted and now ETH has inflation rewards on Proof of Work and Proof of Stake chains meaning....MORE INFLATION and dilution of value for an unknown number of years. Worst all that staked ETH1 and the POS ETH2 will be released at one go bringing this a shitcoin spiral flush.

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>non-custodial publicly funded microtransaction exchange with moneybutton single swipe signup:

>social media website funded by microtransactions:

>video hosting website funded by microtransactions:

>unbounded scaling, determined by miners who have skin in the game

>lots of other interesting projects that I haven't been keeping up with

BitCoin is growing as intended 10 years ago, after all the bullshit distortion that criminals and useful idiots have contorted, BitCoin is on the right track again

some of you will never see it until it is too late for you

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> Inflation: 18 Million more printed since 2018
> Price: -60% since 2018

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> BTC $8,300
> ETH $600
> XRP $0.69
> BCH $970
> LTC $165
> ADA $0.17
> NEO $68
> XLM $0.22
> XMR 215
> https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20180316/

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September 2020
> BTC $11,900
> ETH $477
> https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20200901/

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it's all about BTC ratio in crypto newfag. FIAT$$ does not matter. And ETH has been losing BTC ratio since June 2017. It's been getting absolutely raped the last couple of months after a bit of a recovery in 2020

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ETH 2 Phase 0 is basically a testnet. It does nothing but lock your coins to test POS for 2 years

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>postpones eth scaling to accumulate more link

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>The supply of ether is only infinite given infinite time
The supply of USD is only infinite given infinite time
>Ethereum issues a fixed amount of ether per year
No this changes. It's also going to issue ether rewards in the POW chain and ether rewards on the POS chain for years when POS starts. That's not fixed
> The supply of ether increases by 22% in the first year
So if Satoshi had kept ~15Million BTC to himself and released ~3 million next year like ETH it would have been better? No everyone would have called him a greedy scammer
> Bitcoin's inflation finally drops below ether's
BTC inflation will always be below ETH

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>Can someone please tell me WHEN
It was 2017. Then 2018. Then January 2019 for sure. Then summer 2020 at the latest. Now...hopefully by end of year 2020.

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Imagine betting on Vitalik instead of Musk

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fuck off, genius at work here

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Never stop shilling

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pretty much this. although I disagree with him on protecting the monuments. I think they should be protected. doesn't change the fundamentals of the project or its momentum or glorious fugure. OP and his ETH bagholding friends are getting so desperate that all they have left is shit like this. we cal all play this game, but it's a pathetic one and shows just how out of runway they are. >>19515233

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who fucking cares about this kid anymore. he hasn't done anything relevant in almost 5 years except for pick his nose and scratch his nuts on camera

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> ETH2 Phase 0 staking in 2021
> ETH2 Phase 1 sharding in 2023
> ETH2 Phase 2 smart contracts in 2025
Just be patient, I didn't say July

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What about that is wrong?

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