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>what is this? nice digits btw
here's a copypasta

Flowerpatch is a browser-based cannabis farming & cryptocurrency MMORPG in development. Players manage their virtual farms through planting and harvesting cannabis crops. The FLOWER tokens (cards) - acquired through market purchases, player trades, harvesting, and breeding - are usable to plant new and potentially unique flowers in the game world.

The breeding system enables players to breed FLOWER cards in attempts to gain desirable traits in unique offspring FLOWERs. Randomization algorithms may also grant offspring stats or traits not found on its parents.

Harvesting a flower may yield SEED or NUG tokens and potentially a FLOWER card.
SEED tokens will be used as in-game currency to purchase additional farming land, better farming equipment, and other items.
NUG tokens will be redeemable (like vouchers) for real cannabis, at supported legal cannabis dispensaries.

Inspired by farming games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Minecraft (farming/botany addons), the Flowerpatch developers are hoping to make the best multi-player farming game and the best cannabis game. If you'd like to support the project, check out flowerpatch.app, tell your friends, and join our chill community on discord.

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>thank you
>how do i unlock my account, anon?
>metamask is not notifying me of anything to sign
you're very welcome! when you press on anything in-game, a popup will ask you to unlock your account. you should get a popup in metamask for the signature. right now, signing with dapper does not work -- we're working on patching that in next. if you still have issues, come by our discord

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