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Are there any PM chads lurking here that can share some tips and tricks to doing less shit? Right now I have my weekly meetings scheduled for Thursday and do fuck all on the other days other than the random meeting here and there + update jira/send emails, takes like an hour total every day. And to my non-pajeet devs here how can I make your life better other than not give you daily/weekly standups???

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thanks for looking out fren

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I’ll just take a close over $50 after a ride like this

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Yep and it was worth the wait

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we can do this

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AMC bros

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this is a good one

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I'm a newfag myself. Been here since summer 2017. Went through lots of ups and downs. Seen all kinds of bullshit like bitconnect, tron, verge, confido (had 400% profit there and sold weeks before they exit scam kek) etc. And I have a stark feeling that I'm gonna make it with GRT in the golden bull run next year.

>Thing is, time will still pass if you stress about it or not, if it happens it happens. I believe it will happen.
Thanks, fren. Hope we all make it.

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More fish in the sea fren.

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Yes. CFDbros remember to double compound by reinvesting your gains instantly. I have 20% more shares since open.

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didnt know that, but one never stops learning
are you from /fit/ or a med student?

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feel you

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Same fren. I am dumping spare income from my canadian stimulus checks into this bitch and hoping it takes me to the moon. Let's hope we make it and if we don't it wasn't a big deal anyway

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CHAINLINK is now in the TOP 10

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it ok fren. Ur qute
I wuv u

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thanks bro, looks good. I was looking for some mindless action like the raid

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that's what frens are for

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Seems to be some tension between Fantom and Link shills. But we are gonna link with link and use their oracles. We frens...

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dont do it fren

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Thank you very much, friend. I appretiate this very much.

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Hi fren, I'm here and we're all going to make it okay?

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based and biz pilled

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