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>wake up 10am
>immediately open binance
>shitpost on /biz/ with morning charts
>check /pol/ for news
>return to /biz/, enter a trade
>make frogpost
>don't check replies, visit /gif/
>jerk off to trannies on /gif/
>hate for faggots grows after coom
>go back to /pol/
>notice I am banned
>reset IP
>return to /biz/
>check /fit/
>"what a bunch of faggots"
>go hit chest in home gym
>check charts between sets
>finish workout, visit /ck/
>mom cooks me lunch
>take mid-day nap
>shitpost some more
>get banned for racism again
>reset IP again
>mom asks me why the internet keeps cutting off
>"must be the weather"
>start shitposting seriously
>play some vidya
>eat mommies fresh dinner
>she cooked tendies
>finish meal and waddle back to bed
>(I am here)
>check trade from earlier, shitpost
>fall asleep listening to anime asmr

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This is why you take either the Halftime- or NEET pill. Don’t make the mistake though spending your won free time with cooming to degenerate tranny porn and browsing this shithole board all day like most retards here. Do sth. creative, draw, paint, woodwork, read the finest literature or learn an instrument. Escape the consooomer wageslave trap that the (((society))) wants you to be a part of.

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Week days - waging away while following these threads and working out, followed by hanging out with friends
Weekends - gaming, hanging out with friends, shitting on trannies that will never be women and admiring my xerpies

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>farming provides more of a rush than gaming
>Tfw farming pays me hundreds to thousands a week
>only like only 3k principal

Holy shit. Why did no one tell me sooner. I turned 13 bnb in 25 in under a two weeks solely by hitting up degen yield farms and compounding. Fucking incredible. There's no bullshit, there's no getting front run, there's no bots fucking with you. It's literally free money. Trading pales in comparison.

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OP is a wise man

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It's not even a question of when. Time isn't linear and all is happening all at once it's just that our simple monkey brains can processes it moment by moment.

We are going to make it and We have already made it frens

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false. All signs point to XRP being the new standard. Also since time isn't linear XRP is in fact already the STANDART so fuck off with that basic ass FUD

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1 million just for me, 1.5-2 million for me and mom, and 2.5-3 million to truly make it aka afford to do dumb shit once in a while instead of being frugal. With that amount of money I could buy a few apartments in Lisbon for renting, lend some stablecoins on AAVE or other defi platforms, and invest into some stonks, so overall I could make around 5-6k per month (3-4k for me and 2-3k for mom), and still have some spare money to buy a sailboat, travel the world, bang bitches and do drugs

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Cornish chad reporting in, always see british people on here and just in general kicking off about immigration and such, its easy to forget these issues because we don't encounter such things down In Cornwall, like mass amounts of immigrants / Muslims

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I can always sell a small quantity from a shitcoin I made profit on

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Yeah but he had to hustle for a living and I take naps for a living

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Acoomolated more in the dip

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in the end only xrp will remain time to get /comfy/ while I get verified on kraken so I can buy some more

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Dogshit, terribly executed FUD. SAY IT WITH ME BOYS:
>P R I C E D O U T
Honestly though you gotta love it. Top performing coin in crypto, moons when every other shitcoin dumps. Endless updates, endless partnerships and integrations, easily the hardest working team in crypto. Beautiful DeFi suite, fast and cheap TXs.
>YFW you literally can't refute a single thing

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doesn't matter

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I started work at 11 am and finished at 12 noon. I downloaded a GBA emulator yesterday so I'm gonna play through some of my childhood classics. They don't make em' like they used to eh?. Might stick a movie on in the background.

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I sleep like a baby, wake up, see that my portfolio dropped by 30% and make myself nice cup of coffee.

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And yet somehow you missed the good old days 100-350/370... Those were the days

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I'm going to keep this short and sweet. There will be no 2018 crash. What we're seeing are healthy corrections to an absolutely retarded era of pumps. ETH last year was $100 and BTC bottomed out at $3500

Institutions are in the game now. In 2017-2018 they were merely dipping their toes in. These people don't lose. They're dumping billions of dollars into the market, they will not let it crash.

This is the moment in time where you need to sit your ass down and your portfolio over. When you finish doing that go ahead and look it over again. When you finish looking over it a second time do me a favor and look at it a third time. Now ask yourself, will these coins have longevity, do they have a use case, is this vaporware? If you're unable to close your phone for a week or a month and be content then you're doing it wrong. Keep 60-70% of your folio in guaranteed blue chips, DYOR, and don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

>TLDR If you posted a pink wojak here in the last 3 months then you're a fucking retard.

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Most likely due to the Tether news. AFAIK xrp has been decoupled from btc for a while now (doesn't look like it though)

dropping this here in case someone missed it in the previous threads - https://thecryptobasic.com/2021/02/23/ripple-becomes-officially-registered-in-wyoming/

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Holy shit based

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Bullflag forming on the 5m. Prepare for imminent breakout.

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Evening fellow gentlebakers,
Excuse that minor hiccup, we have resumed the upward trajectory once again and will carry on doing so for the next week.
Please take a seat, get comfy and enjoy the gains.

Also fuck niggers

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Tfw made 15% on the bounceback and spent the day masturbating to hentai

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