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1. They're mostly represented by their female-dominated HR and PR teams. The former are retards, the latter need to impress a larger audience so they have to bullshit normies into believing they're left wing.
2. High taxation and regulations can guarantee a monopoly position in a competitive market. A large company can afford to spend millions on good lawyers and accountants, a startup can't/

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>transfer 0.50 btc to bitmex
>use .25 on a 100x long position
>use the remaining .25 on a 100x short position

would this work?

if the short position got liquidated, it would mean the long position were racking in money and pretty much nullifying the money lost on the short position due to the 100x leverage, right????????????

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desu i think its worse to raise a loli and she turns out to be a slut and drags niggers and muslims home with her

sure raising her well would prevent this, but social media has an iron grip on weak feminine minds

having a son is easy mode, he is either going to be a chad, or be a fucking autist like his dad, either way he wont damage the lineage

but who even cares tbqh, none of us will have kids, none of us have ever had a gf, and if you do, then you need to go back to plebbit you fucking normiefag

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>It’s one of the few coins that has potential to get adaption and it's platform that I could see myself using. And its under the radar.

you have no idea how many times i've seen this shit plastered on every fucking scamcoin there has been shilled here

the fact that its your first shill sentence speaks volumes about your fucking "wallet" coin

>huurhhrh i can store personal data on the blockchain, how convienent

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>not having $50k in each

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how come all mentally deranged people always gets so fat

is it in their genes or do the lack the self control to stop eating, or is it the provider's fault?

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i made 5 million in 2017 in crypto, but i dropped a penny today and it felt down the sewage drain

literally about to kys

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seriously, who unironically actually still enjoys playing games in 2018

whats the point, unless you want to show your political correctness by playing fucking kill nazis simulator in wolfenstein or nigger assassin's creed

atleast miners put your meme cards to good use

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just buy bitcoin, then you can only be down in fiat

1 btc will always be 1 btc

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