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I founded an S-Corp last year, I ended up with 20% of the equity (worth $200.00) and I filled my I83-B as soon as I got the stock.

Now because I am mentally challenged I waited until today to file my taxes and have no idea what forms to use. I am trying to use turbo tax and I am lost. I made no income, the CFO we hired didn't give us W2's (Because we were making no income, he said he would handle it this year), but I did earn the $200 in stock, and I am a dependent on my parents form.

Anons please help, what do I do?

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I earn only $36,000 a year yet I'm already 36 years old(been on 4chan since 2004 so yeah I'm old). Did I fuck up really bad in life to still be this poor?

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