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>finally get a job after learning it for 3 years
>new coworkers are woman and one of them sits right next to me
>she is really cute, she is tall, blonde and she smells like heaven I fall in love the first time I see her
>we get along great and she even laughs about my bad jokes
>start thinking I have a chance with her
>one day muster up all my courage and ask her if she wants to go eat something during lunch
>"oh no anon I go with other coworker roasties instead"
>later eavesdrop and they are making fun of my Gynecomastia

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Based. I am newfag who has been on /biz/ for 2 months. I am now at stage of getting only 3 hours of sleep plagued by stress dreams of frogs calling me a faggot.
Am I gmi?
When can I expect to get to the point where I can hear voices and get checks too?

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>4 digits 2 months ago
>5 digits now
>Still feel nothing
I’m not going to be euphoric until my folio solidly smashes into 6 digits. Even then I will hodl that shit all the way back down.

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>Took a year off of school to write a novel while the memevirus is still happening.
>Finished the second draft when bullmarket started.
>Have been shitposting on /biz/ nonstop for the past month and half
>Neglecting my creative work
>Feel a strange, stale sensation of hollowness >Mixed with early stages of market Euphoria
>Am thinking of making a jannie hate thread on here so I can get banned because this board is crack.

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ive been feeling empty for quite some time now but last weeks were some of the heaviest ever. every time i try to better myself i never follow it up, i fail. and every fall is getting harder. im sorry for blogpost frens but i feel alone..

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I bought at .558 and I curse literally everything I touch. Dump will come in a couple hours. Sorry frens.

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>just wait another 2 years

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I just manage my shitcoins and that makes more than enough money
dont know what else I could do
> it sounds like the drink is a problem for you
it really spiralled out of control once I made it, I had some really decent trades and everytime I would drink.
when you pull 200k on a single day you feel like a king, you do it the next day again you feel like god
who is tony?
I remember life before the internet
blows my brain how things turned out
wine is fine too but in the long run it produces more empty bottles
I always say I start tomorrow but never do
surprised my dick still works I only jerk off to hardcore pornography
thats how it started for me too
why a few grand? whats your plan for it?

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I've become so obsessed with making it that it's starting to take a toll on me. Every minute from the time i wake up till i fall asleep i only look for and hope to find THE one that will send me to the fucking multimillionaire cocaine empire. Maybe i will get rugged soon so i can continue with my life. Maybe that wouldn't be too bad.

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everythings pamping except my shitcoins why am i this retarded thinking im smart hope i die

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work in 8 hours...

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I don't have life anymore, i really need help. My addiction for shitcoins is growing day by day, i am not sure what will i do if i lose my stacks. Girlfriend is going to leave me i think, because i dont give her attention anymore i am 24/7 checking gainz. I put alarms in the middle of the night to check dips. I dont even care anymore, i lost sense of money i just want to gamble. I cant hold a token more then 48 hours i need to sell, buy the new scam. It is only matter of time before some jeet scammer wipes my portfolio and then i will just kill myself. Please for the love of god, someone get me out of this hell.

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If so how much do they know about your wealth, and how much can they infer about it from your lifestyle?

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I did that yesterday.

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If it dumps tomorrow I am going to shit in my sink in anger.

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>I sold X at 8.64
Haha another one that moons after I sold.

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>it's another dump day tomorrow
It's so fucking tiresome bros please just end it already for the love of God. Please.

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Hi /biz/, tourist here from /pol/ with an honest question from knowledgable people. How do some people seem to soar in the world of finance while other people like me just flounder? I’m a poorfag with lots of credit card debt in the Midwest with a worthless bachelor degree, no savings, and a young family and rake in about $3,000 a month as a wage cuck, and it’s not cutting it in the Corona economy. I want to make more money but I guess I lack the IQ to figure out how you wizards do it, so I’ve come for advice. How can a nobody like my supplement my income easily and adequately to get me over the edge in this economy.

>inb4 crypto

I don’t have any money

>inb4 kill myself

Negative, love my life. Just hate being poor and just barely making it

>inb4 drugs

Not messing with that shit

Thanks for any useful advice

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what are the best drugs for helping you forget someone who brought you the most happiness and best moments in your life? a lot to profit from this.

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this was a once in a lifetime bull run, wasn't it?

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Another Friday night alone haha.....

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>dropping again

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>PS3 release was in Nov of 2006
We're gonna die one day anons

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why didn't i sell

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