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What the fuck is this. I'm a 80s millennial and we learned this 5 grade through high school in the 90s. Who doesn't know this? Is there another way to type. I thought the only other type styles was boomer with chicken plucking finger typing like a retard. Hahaha.

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I'll put it in Jackson's Hole

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If you can't see by now that posters like >50871188 have barely got a clue what they're talking about, I don't know how much clearer they can make it for you.

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Nobody knows, our money printing was worse than any G7 state though.

Normiebook is waking up.

You seriously underestimate Canadian finance, energy, and rail. Enbridge and Canadian Pacific are some of the largest logistical infrastructure companies in the U.S.

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This post really activates my rehypothecated almonds.

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Nice one anon. That said, please off yourself.

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Dips are inevitable, moments like these are often worth more than gains because in the end what drives prices is investor confidence, the more the merrier

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>Who gone buy me some bitcoin stock fro my birthday?

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>solves problems
>by being an infinitely more shit and less private version of the project it is trying to replicate
>and is an erc token
Nice job. Really

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For me personally? Well, it literally prints money, of course.

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>got in at 4
>could've sold for an easy 3k yesterday
fuck me

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>Your investments in $AMC and $GME may involve added risk.
Is that a threat?

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3k on GME at the lowest price I see within 30 minutes of open? What the fuck do I do anons

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>he doesn't know

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>TA is fake, but I can predict the future price of bitcoin based purely on price action
>BTC will repeat itself by dumping in the exact same way as 2018, since BTC goes in cycles, which makes sense so long as you ignore all other previous cycles
easily the most retarded post I've read on here in a while, grats OP

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>he fell for two scams simultaneously

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This is me in 10 years.

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I'm about to go all in on Dash. Should I???

Will it dump next week?

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>investment community

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