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COMPUTER, cancel self-destruct sequence
Authorization code:

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I have 4.5 BTC. I could sell 1 BTC and pay off the remainder of my college loan ($20k). Should I do it?

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>Countries look to China for policy inspiration

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INAQ will moon soon
Mark Cuban is doing press all next week about this. Then bail once you make gains

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Just a dip anon. This stock will go up like a rocket soon. CIIG did the same thing last week. It crabbed for a day then exploded.

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What's stopping me from buying life insurance for my grandparents and parents, and then accidentally myself infected with the coronavirus from chinese people?

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I didnt by in /biz/bros, is it still worth it? Will I make it with 200 LINK?

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This is literally the most undervalued ERC20 token out there:
It has never been above its ICO price for longer than 24 hours and is now more than 90% down from it. Meaning pre-sale contributors at max tier ($2M+ of which there were a few) paid approximately $.18c and you have the chance to buy this at 2c now.
Chance of a lifetime, and unlike other projects they actually get their shit done and have a solid plan & execution.
>alpha testing private blockchain with 2 multi Billion dollar companies (CaseStack & Perdue Farms)

latest tech blog update:
>masternodes confirmed, 250k stake needed, taking private testers now.

Shipping industry is the best usecase of Ethereum.

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I don’t use mex (is that mex) so could you kindly let me know if that is a ~20k ETH long or a 20k USD long? either way ...nice

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It’s a bear market, don’t ya know?

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I got an invite for Robinhood Web
have any of you guys tried it yet?

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Explain the following:
If a stock is trading @30$ and I sell a put with a strike @35$ for a total premium of 475$
What happens if the guy that bought the put decides to exercise it right away and I have only the 475$ from the premium in my account?(was expecting the contract to expire worthless)

25$ is nothing, I know, just imagine bigger numbers

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>Walmart dipping again

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>2008 crash
So he predicted a crash that has happened 10 years ago for something that didn't exist 10 years ago?

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If normies flock towards the most abundant and cheapest piece of shit fucking coin on the market and make it moon, would putting 80k into Kin right now be a good idea? How hard could a 100x be for something worth less than a penny?

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thats not how a hardware wallet works, if it was there would be not logic in owning one

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>start in feb with 9k
>only 50k now
i'm a low iq investor

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>drops to $100
>s-s-s-still up from $99 from 7 years ago!!

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MSM was a mistake

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At what market cap will the governments take total control of the crypto market and zero out all cryptos? Trillion?

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Is BTC gonna dip to the lower $5000s or is it on track to go up? For a while, it was a steady downward curve, going up now. Don't know if I missed the lowest dip.

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>as soon as the miners switch.

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what coins should i be mining right now fellas

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>start with 30k (30 BTC) in march
>end with 18 BTC

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