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Alright listen up retards, this is for all the bobos with some hefty cash on their hands who remained sidelined like me and missed the bottom
This rally won't last much longer, it's going to stall out somewhere between 30k and 40k and a 20% to 50% dump will commence
Here's how you make money before actually buying the next bottom (be it higher or lower than the 15.5k bottom):
1. Take your sidelined money and divide them into 25% stacks
2. Enter a 2x leverage short with 25% of your stack (VERY IMPORTANT FOR IT TO BE ONLY 2x), the liquidation price will be 45k
3. IF btc goes up to let's say 33k-34k, you add in a second stack of 25% in the same 2x leverage short
4. Same if it goes up to 36k or 38k.
5. Btc WILL correct down to at least 30k and if it only corrects 20% you can break even (put a stop loss right above your entry point after the price taps the 30k zone to be sure you don't end up losing anything)
5. If it goes below 30k (which it should, in a larger than 20% correction, which is statistically much more probable) you keep your trade open until you're satisfied with the amount you make
6. Buy the bottom, wait for signs of reversal and get in
7. Enjoy profits

I can't stress this enough. You CAN'T go over 2x leverage. If you do this as i explained then you literally get free money. Cheers.

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Covid isn't over no matter how badly the governments/retards of the world want it to be

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I know a guy who hires shills to post on this board about crap coins like HBAR, KADENA, and other shitcoins no one uses, AMA.

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>send XMR to kucoin
>withdraw in amounts of 0.05 ETH to new addresses
>bridge to zksync
>deploy a contract with unique bytecode (just add a variable name or change a return type)
>swap half of the ETH for USDC
>repeat once a week
that's my plan for this airdrop
i already have like 25 addresses
going for 100. we'll probably have plenty of time

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NVDA did a 100% move in just the past three months anon you really think it can't get close to doing it again? You underestimate what this schizo market is capable of.

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I got out yesterday. You thought a $6 youtube-tier video series on twitter would make you rich? Come on anons, this is the chart of a death spiral pump and dump

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AKITA was the first to pump and pumped the hardest out of all of them. Not only that, the fudders desperately, DESPERATELY tried to make up lies like "you can't market buy" to try to stop it. Absolutely pathetic. I laugh at them and you.

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We are not the same

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i knew this was coming. xmr has been a fedcoin since 2014. blessed twitter doom poster finally doing something about it

>troll account
read the links you dense xmr baghodler, its an actual vulnerability. rest in piss monero.

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Just to be clear, Web 3.0 doesn't refer to shitcoiner delusions.

Hosting masses of data on a blockchain is braindead because it's main use case is being an adversarial database, not an efficient one.
So, at most it could make sense to store something like user id's or login credentials on a blockchain, but for hosting actual content decentralized or distributed networks with zero-knowledge encryption is clearly better.

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I saw 1 or 2 threads asking this question the last two weeks. It's starting.
One or two more capitulation candles and all the retards will say that there won't be another bullrun, the crabbing that will ensue will only reinforce that feeling. Start accumulating in a few weeks boys, maybe 2-3 months depending on price action.

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this is a sucker's rally

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>He hasn't tested the moon phases indicator

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>when you sell at the top and leave someone holding your bag

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Wait they do it for free? That can’t be right

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Alright bros, I bought LUNC at 0.000069

I hope you bought the dip before das pumpen

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Alright bros, at what price are we going all in Luna 2.0?

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I just spent the past 10 days doing research and accumulating an unknown token that will legit do a x100 in the next month.
I fucking can't believe I found this this fucking early, and just by coincidence.
Now that I'm done accumulating I will post the ticker, name, and a few links so you can dyor and buy for cheap, but only if you post 10 legit 10/10 women pictures... a coomer never works for free.

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Which coin's holders are the most smug?

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3 Megawhales to be Concerned of
But hey im gambling just came back on the dip B)

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get ready for FORKPOOL

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Stella is alright. I'd rather go for a nice Carlsberg or PUNK IPA though

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