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>explan how money has anything to do with mental health.
Fucking based.

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how likely is it to be a big nothing ?

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>bought 60k hbar yesterday
So... this is what linkies mustve felt like when they got in early. Yeah.. im thinking based. Wagmi frens.

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$350 eow. Screenshot this.

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>Chink cut in front of me while I was waiting in line at subway again
Will becoming a millionaire help me assert my dominance /biz/?

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I'm thinking of incorporating FTM into my portfolio. Shill it to me, /biz/ - why should I? What makes this worth investing in rather than LINK or ADA? What makes it different?

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It's ok pajeet, your village will eat soon

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I like thinking about 2 things, stinkies and __________

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This man will make it.

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Nothing in DeFi is more bullish than REN. Few understand.

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That’s weird I was just reading about (You), TT Trump, The Last President and Barons adventures for the first time in a while today

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> fun with trannies and people with serious mental disorders
no thanks I'll just stick with anons here and if shills want to fuck up the board I'll be there for counter propaganda and I advise other true anons to do the same

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Put everything you have into btc. This is your best shot anon, good luck.

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Outsider here,
Can't confirm anything.

Signed. Not CZ

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hey man, britbong here, I appreciate your earnest thread. unironically just invest in LINK, BTC and ETH and you'll be set. With that amount of money you don't want to fuck around, just take the easy 10x and go.

I wanted to ask though, why are you doing this if you're at this point in life? I mean, you're doing this to make a bunch of money right? you already have 150k in savings, that's a fucking lot. Will 150k to 1.5mil really change anything? Just curious

wish you all the best fren. Godspeed

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Vitalik the CEO of the Central Ethereum Committee downgraded LINK from ERC 677 to ERC20 don't forget that.
Vitalik has the power and doesn't eat burgers. Just let that sink in

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Shill me

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that just outright come out and say?

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Bizonacci is Q

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