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None of those are opiates. I don't take opiates. I could get opiates if I wanted to because of the pain I'm always in, and I was prescribed oxycodone for a year but I didnt want to be on it for life so I chose to wean down and get off it. I was on oxy because I got hit by a 18 wheeler on my motorcycle, broke my legs, and almost bled out but now I just deal with the pain (mainly my knees and some in my ankle and a bit in my legs). But none of the meds I'm on now are opiates.

The meds I'm on now are for my heart, anxiety, panic attacks, ptsd, and insomnia.

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You shouldn't compare yourself to others.
Think about it though, I'm alive and free. And this is the best I've ever had it. I'm incredibly comfortable and have no stress. I can afford pretty much whatever I want within reason. I can do whatever I want.
I dont live in a literal cage anymore and I never will again.
The only thing that sucks is being crippled and my health problems but nothing can be done about that.
I really almost died in that accident. I got hit by a semi truck on my motorcycle. I was rushed to the nearest ICU trauma center to have emergency surgery. I couldn't walk for months. It seemed like I'd never walk again. Then I used euro armbrace crutches for months.
But now I walk and I'm still alive!

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Some xrays and my crutches for proof

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