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>What am i looking at?
the end of Jonathan Cahn's book: The Harbinger 2

>They recorded the sounds of 9/11 2 years before it happened?
they blew the shofar to warn America of a coming calamity
just like a watchman at the gates

I'd really recommend you read the book, it just came out

>Kings used to fuck males wives on their wedding night before the husband could because it was his right
Oh I know about that, if I lived in those times I would not get married until I killed the king myself
no one gets to cuck me
fuck their (((laws)))

>Not sure if you know this but rulers have always used poor people as their playthings.
until they became decadent and were eaten alive by the slaves they keep
Egypt learned the hard way what happens when you strike against God's people

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>Human here, view from my human houses window
and people still believe in (((coincidences)))

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>I know that feeling very acutely, and can relate.
>Lion of Link and 42 having a full blown schizophrenic showdown
lol these smoothbrains have no idea that we're commiserating in this thread
they are malicious actors and aren't genuine in their comments:
3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

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>you can see the amount of seething from betas when they realize how far down the totem pole they actually are

here's a good view into their demented psyche's where they play out revenge-of-the-nerd fantasies in their porn addled brains:

>That doesn't even make any sense you dumb fuck
>Who you’re replying to is a retard
>You really are dumb, I mean low iq type of person
>You seem extremely dumb
>42 is an edgelord
>Chainlink God said he is a U.S.-based computer-science student who bought most of his Chainlink in 2018
>Holy cringe
>Are assassination smart contracts available in Minecraft yet?

^^^get laid faggots
you'll be a kinder and nicer person if you manage to get a woman to actually fawn over you and care for you
you beta-simps probably have no idea what it feels like to have women seeking you out in earnest

>Who are you even talking about?

betas are a plague on humanity and on history
look at the pantifa riots for a prime example

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it's even more useful because it can act as a substitute for the other two and they'll self police for you or send up one of their wind-up toy useful idiots to burn your city for them

but there are a lot of us who are spiritually awakened and won't stop bearing witness to the truth of reality

>there are other factions that want to stop us
>Susan Rice says Trump's supporters belong in "the trash heap of history"
she's quoting Lenin there
Susan isn't long for this world

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>Croat general who removed muslim shits in the Yugoslav war, defending Christians.
>Put on trial for (((war crimes)))
>Goes to the Hague voluntarily 15 years ago to prove his innocence
>Spends 2/3 of the sentence therefore was to be released immediately
>Court tells him he is guilty after all and sentences him to 20 years (he would still get out soon since he spent 2.3 of it in prison already)
>Says fuck your rules I go down how I want and drinks Hemlock poison like a boss.

He said “Slobodan Praljak is not a war criminal. I reject your judgment with contempt.”

Slobodan PraljakJust was a Bosnian Croat engineer, film and theatre director, businessman, author and retired general in the Croatian Army. This madman graduated from 3 different colleges (College of Computing and Electrical Engineering, Philoshopy and Dramatic Art) all with high marks, wrote dozens of books, made plays and television series and was a Philosophy and Sociology professor .

He voluntarily joined the newly formed Croatian Armed Forces after the outbreak of the Croatian War of Independence. He formed a unit composed of the Zagreb artists and intellectuals. Although he did not have any military education, he successfully defended this position from the technically superior forces of the Yugoslav People's Army and the Army of the Republic of Serb Krajina. Then he proceeded to remove Bosniak muslim shits and the Saudi mujahedeen sent to Bosnia, who were attacking and slaughtering innocent Christians in the war.

And mind you that he voluntarily surrendered to the International Court, not caught, only for all of this fuckery to happen in the end.

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I mentioned that 2020 is the year that cash will be explicitly phased out

I'm not too knowledgeable on gematria
For numerology I use strong's concordance, it seems to be a common theme in a lot of their media

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>normies don't realize what's coming, but there will be utter compliance
they can feel something is coming, hence their absolutely rabid reactions and ludicrous demands
but they don't realize that the new system is diametrically opposed to them and all resistance to it will be crushed forever

they think they will be getting rid of police
they don't understand the future
you won't know who the police are in the future
you will just get taken away

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>look at what happens when they stop pretending to work

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