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I'm trying to find a safe divi stock that will actually crab and not take too much of a shit during a recession. Any recommendations?

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Thanks, anons. I was so close to making serious bank on BOIL, was just waiting for my ITM calls to call away my shares at 100. The options expired a few days after the collapse.

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So, is there an actual reason natural gas decided to shit the bed at 10:30?

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Bros, where is the split dividend? Is Chohen betraying? What is taking so long?

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It's best to use a simple wallet anon or maybe when a Tacen finally saves us from this hell and launch the HybridDex.

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If ETH killers are surviving so will shiba predators, normies will always fall for scams.

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im ready to buy some houses, shill me your shit

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Try to leave, make friends, learn more people, get to know the world, leave your home a little, turn off the computer, eat healthier, go jog, give time to time
You are a wonderful person who can always achieve your goals if you propose it, one more person in this world that does matter
And if you need money, then use Stepn while doing all that, incidentally, do extra coins
We love you op, you are important, you are valuable, and most importantly, a faggot

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I bought SOXL at close on Friday, post my face tomorrow morning

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today.. i bought SOXL at close..

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Thing is, if Rango pull their cards in the right way, it will be big. It has the potential

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My iq is 71

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Decentralized computing projects seem to behave exactly the same as in, they take a fuck ton of time to actually do something (assuming they ever do something to begin with). Pond and sne are prime examples of this.

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I think he's secretly developing $QOM to counter-strike SHIB, which is weird but intriguing at the same time

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They've been given the green light for the rerun, will ask when the eta for that is

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In the process of uploading WTFWT #9. Sup bros.

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What is /biz/ dumping their biden bux into?

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WTFWT #8 if you wanna listen frens


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How many hbarinos do you currently have in your war chest to believe that a said yacht life may be a possibility in your future?

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watching training day. this shit is fucking based.

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I only just got into oil after the OPEC meeting I hope to ride it to the summer.

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Dinner roll

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>2.5K Amp at $0.02132
>worth $53.30
This is a very large investment. Are you sure you want to spend this much money?

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Wearing a watch signifies that you still haven't made it because you're living on an external timeframe rather than just doing what you want when you want. Even if you're still so attached to the material world that you insist on interacting with society at large, all you should really need to know is whether the sun is out and most people are awake or not.

If you want to impress your peers you should just buy the one in the magazine your peers all read to pretend they're literate and up to date. It's not like any of you know anything about clocks anyway it's just jewelry for men.

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