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what are some stocks

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Why is so dificult for retards and normies to not understand the only possible way to get rich is with a fucking job that makes you lots of money because your skills are in huge demand for some reason in your industry.

Why is so hard to understand wtf is a fucking nigger economic real use and purpose.

Anything that doesnt serve a real economic purpose as the source of their income, It's simply 100% of the times, a ponzi or a pump and dump or other centuries old variations.

There's nothing else really to this how do I get rich stupid question.

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how does sabotaging the nordstream help the US exactly? people were saying that last thread

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i think its time everyone holding GME, CHWY, BBBY, and AMC dump that shit and actually learn how to trade. you know that you dont know wtf you're even doing and you want people to spoonfeed you 10x's

you're not going to MEME your way to financial independence. it aint gona fucking happen

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>yandere girls will never get true representation in vidya form because this absolute nigger fucked up his game and ran away with his patreon bucks
I fucking hate this clown world so much jesus christ

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to put it mildly yes

I live in England. Literally every single time I look at a screen I see them. The BBC never shuts up about them. Leftists have copy+pasted American identity politics into british discourse even though the history is completely different. Police killings are very rare but the summer BLM protests happened anyway.

The weird part is they only make up 3% (THREE PERCENT) of the population and weirder still is there are more than twice as many south asians (India, Pakistan etc.) in the UK but you never see them in adverts. It's always blacks for some reason.

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Indulge me in a discussion anons, what drives a person into riskier market participation?

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i have less than 0 sympathy

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why is TQQQ mooning going into friday, it was meant to dump

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>portfolio went from 24k to 60k in one day
>dont feel anything
what the fuck

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the only thing r/WSB needs is racism you fucking nigger

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What should i price my limit order at for airbnb ipo tomorrow? I'm not waking up before noon regardless.

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Retard question but when will I be able to buy abnb stock as a retail investor?

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Do I unironically just buy TSLA now and hold until the index funds pick it up? How can it go down at this point

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>100@ $10.60
Eh let's see what happens

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>gookspammer hits threads for months on end
>nothing done
>apparently an anime OP is deletable though

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>news going great
>upgraded from hold, to buy, to strong buy by several agencies in the last 4 days
>dumps half its value in 5 hours
I'm not even in AHHHH mode, I'm just really confused.

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>hustle 24/7
>it's so easy to make money in 2019
>you gotta find your niche
>just dropship/podcast/stream/etc.

Get the fuck outta here. Bunch o' thirsty McGurstys preaching bullshit to their choirs.

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get high, jerk off and shitpost

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