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this but unironically

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this is nuts! first time they ever openly speak of current development progress, roadmap and clients


Rory Today at 12:20 PM
We know that many of you are eager to hear an update on the status of the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), so here it is:
After extensive engineering and security review, we have opted to extend the testing and security review timelines for CCIP and now plan to launch the initial version in 2023. This additional security review is also based on the large user interest in CCIP as a critical infrastructure, the large amounts of value we expect to be sent over the protocol over time, the $100B+ in value transferred across bridges this year, and that over $2B of that value was exploited due to the complexity of bridge security. A phased rollout gives us more time to continue running a series of quality assurance procedures such as penetration testing, soak testing, and multiple internal and external audits.
Current plans for the phased rollout of CCIP involve initial availability on multiple different chains. Various alpha partners, including Synthetix and others, are contributing to this initial prototyping and testing of CCIP, as well as various leading enterprises working on their proofs of concept using CCIP, as announced at SmartCon 2022, one of which would enable SWIFT messages to instruct on-chain digital asset transfers across multiple chains via CCIP.
Ultimately, security is always our number one priority. This has been true for every Chainlink product launch, and CCIP will be no exception. The extra testing, research, and audit work will go a long way in helping ensure that the production version of CCIP meets the functional and security demands of the growing cross-chain economy. We do appreciate your understanding as we do our best to build a protocol that delivers the security our industry needs to be considered reliable and look forward to CCIP launching in 2023 to help enable secure cross- chain applications.

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i am enjoying the talks

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I only have 5k linkies at 24 years old but starting to feel the same. Got a few business plans I'm currently working on and also started an entrepreneurship minor in Rotterdam to help me with those ideas. Really helps you get into the right mindset and sets you up with connections.

Veel succes LINK makker. Hoop dat je je draai vindt.

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sure, last few weeks have been disappointing compared to other projects. and we've painfully been bleeding sats since august.
but i'm currently up 2600% relative to my average buy-in. and that's okay

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fundamentally, basically, not going to make it.

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LET'S GO FRENS! 20 cents to go!

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#1 crypto since the end of 2017. i guarantee you not a single other currency as seen as many threads as LINK on biz in that time.

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Let's say Sergey one day announces that Chainlink, as a project, just didn't work out. He releases a statement saying they tried their best but can't deliver on their promises and thanks the community for their support. What legal actions would he be liable for if any? Or could he literally just ride off into the sunset a multimillionaire for a fucking attempt? Like what incentive does he really have at this point? It's like GRR and Game of Thrones, after he got rich from the show he has been stretching the release date for the next book further and further when it's clear he doesn't give a fuck anymore and will never finish them

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Thank you Sergey I love you & the team

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I was at the fireside chat this week. At one point Tom called Sergey a sandwich fucker. He even accused Sergey of eating the sandwiches after busting loads into them. There was an intense bit of silence while Sergey glared. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead immediately, and his face was flush. He forced a chuckle into the microphone. Then he walked off stage and just out of the room where there was a magazine rack. He was still in full view of everyone through a window. He starts taking these magazines, two and three at a time, and just tearing them to shreds. Sometimes he would pick one up, and try to twist and tear the whole thing at once, but fail, so then he would start ripping out individual pages. He was facing away from everyone, so we couldn't see his facial expressions. This went on for two minutes at least. At this point I thought he was totally screwed, and that he had just ruined the reputation of chainlink in one fell swoop. However, he turned around and walked back into the room. He looked completely rejuvinated and full of vigor again. He proceeded to completely btfo Tom in every way, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Afterwards, he even did a little q&a session after Tom left due to being frustrated from the btfo. Janitorial services were picking up the mess of shredded magazines at this point, and the only acknowledgement Sergey ever made to the mess was when one of the older janitors fell over while leaning to pick up the pieces. He sort of covered his hand with his mouth, clearly holding back laughter. It was bizarre, but with genius comes inevitable personality quirks.

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what is this even

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yes within a certain time limit

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Why didn't I sell at 20. Why didn't I sell at 15. Why didn't I even sell at 12. Fuck I'm gonna baghold this all the way down to 20 cents. I did the same thing with ARK in 2018.

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> infrastructure intensifies
> based pm pasta
anal sex with all her friends and daughters for an oz of silver?
human oversight on a transparent ledger? kek yeah that's a good argument like "you need an accountant" when now in my country your work sends your income statements directly to the government. All we need are submissions to claim live like I bought x claim it back on tax straight away.
also wagies could be paid on the hour every hour using smart contracts
financial systems are so fucking outdated it's laughable

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I want to post a message to all the straight but curious anons on this board right now browsing cock and trap threads.

You are not gay, You are not bisexual, or curious, or questioning, or going through an experimental phase. You are simply so desensitized by all the kinds of porn one can find in today's time that sex as such no longer arouses you, but you have totally conflated the ideas of arousal and taboo.

You probably have heard the term "boipucci" so many times now that you might even believe it's something other than a dude's arsehole. You might have ironically called someone "she" enough that you honestly think traps aren't just faggot men in stockings.

But once you are there yourself, and realize that not only does he not touch you like a girl, or look like a girl, or that he is not a fucking girl, you will realize that this must have been one hell of a series of serious conscious mistakes that got you to this position. Your disgust for yourself will be legendary. You won't be able to sleep, eat, or look at yourself in the mirror, possibly never again, because you have done something so low and disgusting and sad and you can never take it back. Even if nobody else will ever know, you do.

So get the fuck off the trap threads. Hell, get the fuck off /biz/ and 4chan altogether, whatever it takes to stay the fuck away from gay shit. It will hurt parts of you that you really don't want to hurt.

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Big cup 4 a big guy

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> and now we're happy to present Sergey Nazarov!
> Sergey waddles onto stage
> Fundamentally ummm decentralized!
> Sergey does his best Nixon impersonation
> I wanted to thank everyone fundamentally for being part of our little project
> But ummm
> He turns away to hide a malicious grin
> I had better let our special guest handle this...
> Suddenly Adelyn comes out on stage in a clown suit with a banner that says tokens not required
> That's right folk we've sold our tokens and now have figured out a better way that doesn't use 'em
> At Sergey's cue the whole team appear on stage with cream pies and begin throwing them at the audience as Sergey makes his escape

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Does anyone know if there's a relation between Chainlink labs and offchain labs. Logos are pretty similar. Would like to know if Chainlink is planning or has already bought arbitrum. Ed presentation yesterday is one of the most bullish things I've ever seen for link

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I'm what's going to come tomorrow from the green dildos

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