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Private school hands down if you care about your kid's future. They'll receive an actual education instead of being locked in a prison full of underpaid wardens that hate them and fellow inmates from among the worst (read: poorest) that society has to offer.

That's barely half of the benefit though. The real benefit is the social connections your kid will be making. Private school is their best chance at forming a lasting network of friends from elite families who have a much higher probability of being successful high-net-worth individuals later in life.

Both of my parents were homeless at one point or another. They sacrificed everything to put me into a private school in an affluent neighborhood, and I'm telling you there is absolutely NO CHANCE I'd be doing as well as I am now without the friends and knowledge that I received there. The cost of tuition has been paid back over a hundredfold by what opportunities have been made available to me from the kids I met decades ago in private school.

As far as I can tell, the game is rigged from the start, and the system is designed to absolutely fuck you unless you know the right people.

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If you would have put your money in AAPL in March, you would have doubled your money by now.

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