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>doesn't understan short squeeze dynamics

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WSB won. GME was $10, Now its $94. Shorts were hoping to bankrupt GME and be up $10, but they are down $84 (840%). Shorts are paying 30% premiums. Shorts get no upside to hold at 840% loss. Shorts will not see upside for a long long time. Short Sellers will not get a good nights sleep, they're in a panic. Shorts should cover at $94 rather than $1000. If one short covers, he sends prices up, making other shorts suffer. At 840% in losses its better to cover now than later, still the shorts will use all kinds of psychological tactics to find shares to cover. The chart matches VW almost exactly, before VW shares shot to $1,000.

Longs, let me tell you that the hedge funds are still scared out of their wits. If you look at the charts from mid-December to early January, the price was creeping up, but it appears that they were engaging in shorting a lot more shares than they should have, to overcome the buying interest. They really had to work hard and spend a lot of money to keep shorting to depress the price. Then like a pressure cooker, the lid blew off and there is a mess all over the shorts' kitchen. They are trying to put the mess back into the pot using other hedge funds' money, and are trying to short it again from higher levels to get the price down, but they will never be able to get it all back into the pot. The short interest is still at 121% so they can keep shorting, but this will backfire again unless they have the assistance of brokerages like Robinhood limiting share buys. But since most of their shorting took place at under $20/share, they will never be able to clean this up without going broke first. They are engaging in scare tactics and disinformation to drive you out. One word of advice though, if you are on margin I would pare it down on any spikes, so that you won't be taken out on a margin call if this price drops too low.

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