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it common knowledge that kikes are communicating over symbols and pictures, especially something like the cover of the economist holds great value for them because its in public display. they pulled the same shit with the media "predictions" of 9/11.
the article isn't saying that much, seems more like they wrote this so they could have a reason to print this cover in the first place.

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Hows moonman doing famalam, he still keeping on, or did he kill himself?

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I am going to have a month period in between school and work where I will have nothing on my daily schedule. I already plan to go to the gym 3 times a week, but that still leaves a lot of free time. I'd prefer to fill it with something otherwise I'll end up smoking way too much weed.
Other than perusing craigslist (my car is too old to drive uber), what are some ways I can find a small income source for a month?
>inb4 drugs or suck cocks @ $1/pop

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