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Is it me you’re looking for?

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Successful people see opportunity where losers don’t. In reality, there’s always opportunity around you. You just have to see it. So that means someone you know is interested in you. You just don’t know it. One time, I went out with a coworker Korean supreme waifu. I wasn’t really interested in her cuz she was too quiet and soft spoken and Honestly she was annoying cuz she always wanted to me to help out at work. “Can you hold this for me anon?” “Anon, can you help me for a sec?” “Anon, do you know how to do so and so?” Being autistic, I thought she was annoying. We only hung out once, but it was nice. We stayed out late and went to a begnet cafe. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I went further with her.

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Florida? Start growing some weed. Work at trulieve. You’ve got no excuses not to be earning money so your future husband can run off with mei lee in china while you continue the white race until Tyrone jackson comes along.

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Anyone all in gbtc?

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>no ltc


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C-can I dropship cbd products anon? I want to believe.

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Buy put Options on SPy ending this week and x10 your money. You’ll have 14k.

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>I’m cumming

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100 rental properties
1000k in municipal bonds
100 mill in stocks
1.5 quintillion in crypto

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>I-I-I’m ready

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Anyone else seeing Apple AirPods all over the place? It’s like 1/10 people outside wearing AirPods where I’m at and these are shitskinned pajeet Street shitters who don’t have any money for school and books but they are shelling 100 bux for some earplugs. I bet earnings are going to be stellar.

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>oh, just me, anon
>it’s been so long without you, you know?

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Nah he keeping zig happy so he can get re elected. We good. We moon again soon.

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As much as you can afford, and then some. Max payday loan, max credit card cash, second mortgage, school loan, and max loan from mommy and daddy. Go big or go home, bitch.

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