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>Data provider LINK owns no data
youre welcome

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>Secures price data feeds for hundreds of dApps
>Secures weather data for insurance dApps
>Secures shipping data

How are you guys so retarded? Chainlink is definitely security

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So what's the smallest unit of Link called? Did we decide yet?

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I'm chinese

As of now in china

>No huge discussions
>Most articles are chainlink campaigns and notes on big bull run but no one read it
>Society is experiencing bankruptcy thx to Corona chan
>Based on my guess, less than 10k knows about even less bought it in
>1.4 billion ppl`s cash are locked down by the government, no options market, crypto currency is illegal
>Only way to get foreign currency is the 50k USD exchange quota per year

Just Imagine chainlink go mooning to 100usd grabbing every Chinese attention then they would sell everything they could to buy it cuz its literally impossible for poor fags there to take a step up the class

I'm making positions these few months and networking ppl in crypto circle to market chainlink later this year

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Is $2.6 a good price to load up on link before it moons? Or will we see new local lows soon?

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