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Let's go

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I have good news for all of you. You are unironically going to make it. All you have to do is buy some btc now and hold it. It doesn't even need to be a large amount. There are only 20M btc ever to be created and some of those have already been lost forever. The reward halving will continue to make it more scarce and sometime in the near future the fiat system will collapse. it's already unsustainable now. Bitcoin will not be used as money though. it's a wealth transfer and wealth storage system. It will be used to back another digital system or paper money system most likely. after all paper money isn't the problem. the USD use to be backed by gold at one time. But anyway to get to my point. There are only 20M btc that will ever exist. The world population is currently 7.53B. So do the math. Bitcoin will be BILLIONS of dollars per coin. The whales will become the new trillionaire class and anyone that buys btc right now at $7k will be millionaires.

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>not holding the FUTURE of the money

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The Jew would never show you the next Gold on a plate, of course they try all kinds of shit to discourage you, to distract you and to keep throwing FUD at you so you never bother with it.
thats exactly what they want, they don't want YOU as investor in this new type of asset class.

>the shitcoin market is so tiny and so easily manipulated
you think the gold market is not manipulated? wake the fuck up, they manipulate every market but often for different reasons, of course the end game is profit for them. Crypto is not different, however crypto has important traits that will become much more important in the future.
see >>11952098

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>Environmentally damaging
not a real problem

>It was the first and only truly fair crypto
It still is

>It can transfer wealth anywhere in the world.
BTC is the most trustworthy one since in its almost 10 years of existence it wasn't compromised

>Its anonymous
Its not and thats a good thing

>Its a store of wealth
It is, its the new digital GOLD

>Less than 1% of people have bitcoin addresses
means we all gonna make it (nocoiners won't make it)

>China has a large stake in Bitcoin
and so has everyone else with more than 2 braincells

>Best believe governments will try and fuck over bitcoin
they can't and won't because the Globalist world elite already made their decision many decades ago.

>Look at Venezuela, they had a collapse, they used crypto and it wasn't bitcoin.
and thats the problem, should have only used BTC and not made a scam currency tied to their bullshit, nobody wants to invest in 3rd world savages.

>Peak euphoria for Bitcoin was likely reached
we are far from it, we going to over 100k in the coming years.

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Daily reminder this all started on October 10th.

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>yfw the graph looks nice and flat primed for the start of the next bull cycle exactly today

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desperate BCH shills are mentally ill

everything could happen, it could mean many things and there is no guarantee we interpreted all the signs right, Ten/10/2018 could also mean something entirely different, maybe it just marks a new age a new beginning for the bullrun, who the fuck knows

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hint: chainlink mainnet is what makes crypto functional

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>we're literally a week or two away from the end of this thing

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so what is happening in October 2018?

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So after all is said and done, which coin will be the phoenix coin?

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And we just needed this.
This is the best thing could ever happen to us.
Let the dollar die.
And let the phoenix rise.


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Daily reminder that this lunatic utopian project ends in worldwide subversion and destruction of the modern world lock stock and barrel

You've been warned goys, everything written has already come to pass


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"Historically there has been a Jewish tendency to exploit Western societies... given their overwhelming role in politics and world finance, it is clear Jews will play a central role in the Crypto movement... It is absolutely crucial to understand the power of the organized Jewish community in modern finance. Without this community and its influence, the Crypto movement would not be possible."

Crypto will destroy Nationalism worldwide. Read the Prophecy. Learn it by heart. Understand the severity of what is about to happen to your world young NEETs.

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