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Nah I didn't read shit - but ((( they ))) - are seething and that's a good sign it's a good bet

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nice try glowbie

money won't get you a woman, it will get you a prostitute who will take your money spend it with chad.


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It will be the future, and no, you won't be able to taste the difference. Cells are tricked into growing just as they would grow meat on the animal. A sample can be taken from the animal, and gets to live. With the right equipment you could produce meat forever with the right equipment. It's not feasible yet, but it will be. It'll literally be faster and cheaper to do it this way.

Some countries like Italy are trying to stop this by law. They know it's happening and threatening their treasured trademarked pork.

But please, keep enjoying your antibiotic soaked meat.

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>imagine all the smart devices, email accounts, google services you use collecting everything about you and selling it for the last couple decades.
All you have to do to get an idea for the scale of it is if you download a WiFi and Bluetooth gateway logger app, you'll find your phone has picked up about one and half thousand in the space of a couple of days.

Printers in offices and homes, all the phones and smart watches. Passenger WiFi links on passing buses and trains. Customer and staff gateways at McDonald's. The list goes on and on.

They can tie that to GPS coordinates to figure out at least approximate locations without the GPS on another phone even being enabled; e.g. that someone's phone has picked up the same McDonald's and subway WiFi gateway several months later, so they're probably at the same location the other person was months ago

Shrimple dimples really.

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For some reason my mind turned this into "are we gonna break 2000"

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>do men exist who do that?
One anon here commented on it and apparently had a fairly successful channel. How? Just look at twitch right. 110% beta males for the most part. Couple of semi hot girls turn up, instantaneous 7 trilly hits.

I dunno what he was shilling. Asmr maybe? Gym stuff? Girls like watching guys do stuff, like building a pizza oven in highly time lapsed clips, because they're realistically incapable of doing it themselves skill set and motivation wise but they like how simple it looks, that it's manly type stuff and food associated.

One even commented as much on the
>jake and Nicole
Off grid choob channel. The click bait is usually Nicole's weapons grade ass. Someone complained at one point so for the lols they had joke in his boxers perched on some of the trees he'd chopped down.

Jane is usually the person doing the building of stuff. Like the zahzah oven.

One of the girls commented how it's nice watching jake make things.

It's shrimple dimples stuff when you notice that pattern. Just oversaturated now unfortunately.

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It pays to read, anon.

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Are those "free mint" NFTs real or there is a catch?

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Boomers, a "bulge" on the demographic charts, surely saved as a whole to pay for their own retirements, right?
They were happy to have 4 workers pay for 1 retiree when they were the 4, and they've decided on their own that 1 retiree per 2 workers is just fine with us as the 2. Why do we need to keep the promises they may to themselves, they were the largest working demographic but they went further in debt as a whole (public and private), why is that my problem?
Time for a new deal, boomers can take care of the promises they made to themselves without using me as the bottom layer in their pyramid scheme.

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Yep. Or more realistically, we're just wrong and believed "DD" written by teenagers in their Mom's basement.

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I dunno man. Here I am, happily married for 10 years. Two healthy kids. Life is much easier when you go through it as a team. We listen to each others needs and provide it where we can.

Divorce and (financial) misery is the only headcanon 4chan knows. But there can be good marriages too.

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That's what we need to do after MOASS.

Kill the internet as it exists, and rebuild it. No reason our power plants and banking systems need to use the same protocols as social media and onlyfans.

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Tolstoy, the turbo simp?
>Nah... nah brah.... these are big brain philosophical thoughts
It's simpery. Shrimples as.

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Need more. Shrimple dimples.

The space rocket brain surgeon robot should be operational by eoy.


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At this rate, give it a month?

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They need their retard army on wsb to buy calls to bail their asses out again.

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get a friend to upload one too. you listen to his he listens to yours.

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>How the fuck do I buy shitcoins

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Read the thread maybe? I can see it mentioned at least 3 or 4 other times.

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Lemme let you in on a little trade secret that's been bamboozling you superstonkers.

8 sideways is ∞. So when in reference that there WILL be a sharp spike up to 800, then a stock split, and another stock split to 800; it's stating that the price will rise to ∞, then there will be a stock split, and another rise to ∞.

This should have happened starting with the original 4 for 1, however the DTCC intervened, processing it as a simple stock split rather than a dividend stock split. So another trigger, such as UBS or Kenny G failing margin requirements elsewhere, is required for "closure".

The 3 for 1 stock split (taking the number of shares to ~900m, just under the max cap of 1b) would be 4 + 3 = 7. Or 741. This is de wey. This can only occur during MOASS to increase gains for holders and increase the number of shorts that need to close. That's right, with a 3 for 1 splividend, as a recap, increases your 100 shares x ∞ to 300 x ∞ while increasing shorts liability by -100 x ∞ to -300 x ∞.

Do you also use GameStop as a bank?

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The housing market won’t crash because it’s exactly what I and 100,000’s of other people my age want. People knowing that hundreds of thousands of people want the same thing just means there’s an opportunity to be predatory.

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I expect they will pump an older meme stock
One that has a high number of institutions and fits into their AI narrative. I won't post it because I'm not trying to shill.

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They're selling product they haven't made to be created and delivered in the future. It's all fake and gay just like futures.

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