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gimme redhead with freckles

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The woody decor of that restaurant reminds me of a fish n' chips I used to live close to. This was in western central Canada and not exactly a good spot for seafood but somehow they had fresh fish. Maybe overnighting it on ice from the coast. They went out of business. Probably not good margins from their insistence on quality. I miss it.

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No one talks about SAVA even though it's been mooning. Makes me sad. But I'm still comfy.

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Galt is green. GREEN.

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I'd go all in but I'm probably at least partially a legit psychopath.

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GALT just got a new CMO. I'd bet there will be a pop up in the next few weeks for the P3 stuff as well as a potential partnership or some other funding. Would be hard to get a CMO to move across the country if they couldn't be assured of company stability.

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