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On the morning of June the 21st 2020 the Taurid meteor showers will be hidden by daylight so we will not be able to observe any incoming large meteorites until it is too late! The arrows in view in the image below, shown from the perspective of the Great Pyramid, indicate the location and direction the Taurid shower will come from during that morning.

Note in pic related how constellation Orion is protecting himself from the two Taurid Showers with his sheild! Also consider that if you walked up to the Great Pyramid (representing Earth) from the western side that the Sun and Moon would sit on its apex with the ecliptic and the Galaxtic Axis forming the edges of the pyramid!

This therefore leads to a number of important questions:

Are these impact events, like any other in the universe, under the influence of electromagnetic harmonic frequencies?
Do major impact events from the Taurids have periodicity based on harmonic frequencies?
Is this periodicity twice every 25,920 years i.e. 12,960 years?
Does this future Taurid shower contain another major Earth-impact object?
Is this what the Ancient Ones have been attempting to warn us of?
Was the Mayan 2012 winter solstice calendar event an early warning for us so that we had time to understand the significance of precession, why it occurs, what causes it and the influence of harmonics on the greater solar environment including these meteor showers?
So have we been given the date and therefore the time to detect the next major impact coming out of this biannual shower of Taurid meteorites?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTr3VdGlFr8&feature=emb_title [Embed]

Also see Ending of Pet Goat II, Pyramids destroyed by Meteors


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