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80k Link OG. Want to buy modest house ($150k). Going to sell a few thousand Link for down payment and enough to get the kikes at the bank to feel safe about giving me a mortgage.

>Go to CBPro app on phone.
>Weird, it's been a while since I logged in, but usually just use fingerprint to login...
>Type in password "email/password wrong"
>What the fuck. Request to reset password.
>Get email saying that request was from unverifited device and have to wait 24 hours for another reset email...
>Days pass, no email.
>No way to contact CuckBase
>Locked out of account. Nothing I can do. No way to contact anyone.

What can I do? Is the "you can't cash out meme actually real"?!

I'm going to track these mother fuckers down pretty soon...

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God, someone help me too please!

I've been in Crypto since 2015. Went from a couple Bitcoin to all in Link late 2017. I've got 50k Link now and through all of this I've declared and paid exactly zero Crypto taxes.

I don't know how the fuck to make it right or what the fuck to do and I'm a fucking Accountant. This shit is a joke. The only legit crypto tax help places I can find want about $2k minimum to start to figure out how to untangle this mess for me. What the fuck frens, that's over 150 Link. What am I supposed to do, file an amended return for every one of the past 5 years? I have no fucking clue and I'm getting scared because I've got a lot of money now.

Not a larp, someone please save me.

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Don't sell that much Link anon! I'll give you all the gun you'll need for a fraction of your Linkies.

For 100 Stinkies: 700P 26" 308 with 4-12x50 Scope and Harris Bipod Sling & Case

I bought it new and only have 30-40 rounds through it. I can reach out and touch the longest distance gong my range has every time. 8" @ 400yd.

I'm in WV if interested.

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Unironically. It's happening. Tonight.

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Link will pass $20 by Wednesday.

Don't ask for proof.

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>will you be swapping out already mooned coins for new ones to keep the price affordable. also the crypto community is all autistic nerds who will be demanding proof on that you really are giving the right amounts of crypto for it to be lucrative to buy.

No, I wouldn't be doing any swapping lmao. They would already be sealed in a tamper proof pack. Maybe have 5 or 10 cards per pack and the average value of the Crypto in each pack would be around $5. Some packs would be worth more some lucky ones would be worth more. The trust thing would be an issue for some people I guess, but I have a good reputation in the Link community I think. Everyone buying would have to trust that I wouldn't move the Crypto from the addresses on the cards and this would make it even harder for people to not open their packs when they got them so they could move their Crypto to their OWN private wallets. Would be awesome 5-10 years from now when some of the cards would be super valuable though and unopened packs would go for a lot more!


Love it. Can't wait.



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You're all fucking simps

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Nope, I've swung a third of my stack twice this past year. First one I cam out way ahead adding 15k Link to my stack. Second one I lost most of what I gained on the first swing. Not worth the stress and most people end up losing.

I'll be holding to at least $10 before I start selling off very slowly. I don't think I'm delusional when I say I think Link will be in the hundreds in a few years.

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this. looks like the bots are taking over. weird shit.

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fug, i just woke up and it looks like it's crashing. proof you're still holding anon? Thanks for the info btw. Just need to know if I can still get in for big gains later this week.

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Beautiful. True. Can't be disputed pilled.

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Dogs are man's best friend. Niggers are wild apes. I like watching the chimps chimp out when I'm safe at the zoo. I don't like having to live side by side with them...

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I mean, I don't know how you consider doing a podcast with Sergey this month "quiet" but OK. He's had public shill appearances with Sergey every year now since the ICO.

To answer your question: heck yeah chainlink oracles are necessary, at least in the short term before all financial instruments run on smart contracts.

I'm mostly curious who you are and why you engage in this bizarre viral anti-shilling. It's given me a chuckle at least. Are you active on other platforms or just here?

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two sleeps until moon?
Or has OP taken the muslim multiwife pill + moon is on the way?

Where are our priests, we need confirmation

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we got to 50 replies in 30 mins wtf OP spill it

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Riddleanon where are you?

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$1000k EOY

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Whats up link bros...stinky sergeant first class here. I have some questions about setting up a node. First, is it a good idea to start setting up a node right now? It seems like the team is making great strides in getting things done and we are seeing work being done on important tasks, aggergation for example. I dont really want to pay for a hosting service and than wait a long while before its actually making money. Does anyone suggest to get ready now because there are hurdles and a lot of things to learn to get the node running? This leads me to my next questions..for anyone who set up a node, how long did it take to function right? I appreciate any info anyone has about setting up a node, what kind of troubles did you come to? Anything that came up that you didnt think of? I guess lets make this a LINK NODE general thread. Thanks link bros i love you all sincerly and remember chainlink is love chainlink is life pee pee poo poo

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is this tech close to being redy because of chainlink ?

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