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>this thread
these are the ones diluting your farming pools whenever you make bao threads and respond to bao threads without saging. keep that in mind.

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What are the best coins to buy on Coinbase?

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1) How long will it last for?
2) Will there be two waves like 2017?

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>it won’t 20x

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>49 words

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Kek. I’m 23 and I feel the same way. I don’t want to end up like you.

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i don't even use the wordfilter, i just straight up type desu for real.

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Wow! I went from being able to buy a shitty used Toyota Camry 2015 to being able to barely buy one (1) new 2021 Toyota Camry. I better sell!

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What problems has fiat solved?

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>still up 5x
I guess...?

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>does this mean our clubhouse conversation is not happening?
t. 57 year old man

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they told me that yesterday.
oh well, least hacken ended up being 100% legit after the re-tweet.

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>You'll know when there's blow off tops everywhere and ATHs every day.
How long does that last for? I don’t want to sell too early either.

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Why am I supposed to sell my alts to Bitcoin when they pump instead of selling into fiat and THEN buy Bitcoin a year after the crash?

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>i couldnt panic sell the bottom because gas fees cost like $200
>mfw i got saved by based vitalik

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>say something in the Zoom meeting
>no one replies

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Ok. See you later.

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I'm in the mood for some pussy bros

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Why is it that when I post actual legitimate proof that he intends to bridge one of his projects with Doge I get ignored (or smugly mocked like you’re doing now) but the BSV and XRP shills and schizos itt are trampling over each other to convince everyone that they’re in the right and actually succeeding?

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What kind of games does /biz/ play?

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Seeing successful people makes you so angry you cope by imagining them having gay sex, something you have always wanted to try. Hilarious.

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What happened to that anon who would unironically pray to Satan every night for gains. He would repeat “I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire” over and over again

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>Unironically reccommending Rational Meme
You can’t make this shit up

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Ethereum Classic has 600mil daily volume
Why? who is buying this?

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