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From the outside it may appear like the Statera community team don't even hold Statera and that is why they are so slow and uninterested in spending their personal time furthering a project. However I am here to tell you what they've achieved since I started holding Statera to change your mind!

Dashboard Announced



1. Scott releases wSTA independent of the team. They had no idea he was even doing it!

2. Broken dashboard is released by community team - completely useless may as well not even exist.



I hope this serves to renew your faith in the team. God bless Doktor Funk and the rest of the team! Thank you for all your hard work!

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are you

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We are going to make it.

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Frens, we are in the process of making it.

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It will crab for a while, and eventually start to go up slowly, until some youtuber discovers it and then we moon once again.

Statera is not a token for the ADHD zoomerboys that want to make money overnight, but 2-10$ will 100% happen this year.

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Somebody once told me that STA is mooning
I hope these gainz dont go to my head
It was looking kind of bullish with volume exploding
In the shape of an obvious uptrend
Well the gainz start coming and they don't stop coming
One market buy and we hit the ground running
Didn't make sense not to get these gainz
Holding is smart and selling is dumb
So much to buy, so much to pump
So what's wrong with holding the token?
You'll never know if you don't buy
You'll never shine if you don't hold
Hey now, we are mooning, new green candle, nice pump
Hey now, you're a holder, get your gainz on, dont dump
And all that glitters is green
Only shooting up, break the resistance

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"Statera" is an umbrella name for the Statera Token and the Statera Index Funds. Statera Tokens form part of the Statera Index Funds.

Uniswap is an exchange. You can buy (swap) Statera Tokens on Uniswap; i.e. swap ETH for STA.

You can't make a comparison between Statera and Uniswap. They're not similar things. You can't meaningfully compare a football to a banana, for example.

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can someone link that site people have been using to compare pool stats?

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frens only

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>Are we sure these values are accurate?
No. The pools are all young. Time will tell once we've amassed more data.

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We are literally in the process of making it. Another wave of neet multimillionaires incoming.

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do my STA frens have any advice on when to start moving my stack from the infinity pool into stanos?

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I see that the king of defi statera will go to double digit dollars within a few years

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comfiest hold

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Day 2 of monkmode nofap until STA hits $1

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Based on some breadcrumbs from Souvlaki, the guy who implemented wSTA.

>Current targets
- get wSTA on CG
- whitelist wSTA on Balancer (Get rid of warning mostly)
- whitelist wSTA on 1inch and matcha
- update website
- update whitepaper
- fix dashboard (bugs & improvements/new features)

"The most important is getting wSTA whitelisted on Balancer, to do this it must first be listed in CG.
The team is waiting for feedback from CG, but have already started discussions with Balancer. By the time that is done, a large part of the website would have also been updated. This is when marketing could start."

>About wSTA
"I know it negatively impacted other things in the short term and it's not ideal, but the long term prospects of the project are far better than it was in November because of wSTA. wSTA is by far the biggest thing to happen here since the hack, in the long term it's bigger than what Delta was... And it happened fast, really fast. Within two weeks it went from a concept to an audited contract that was deployed. That turnaround time was too quick for everything else, especially that we first had to wait for the audit result before doing anything."

>About marketing:
"I know that discussions are being had with YouTubers for a review of the ecosystem. So it's not like nothing has happened, opening discussions have already begun."

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I dont care if it does, I hodl for long term

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maybe not change the world but make some of us rich

maybe it will become a safe asset to hodl since the the total supply will be always shirinking

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but when I saw the total supply shrink in front of my own eyes I did boughted more and I want to apologise for making fun of the Statera, will you forgive me?

Now, how long till 1k USD per STA?
Are there any ways to predict price like with btc halvings?

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is this guy ok? lol

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