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Sometimes I think even after making it I am going to refrain from buying escorts in the hopes that it will give me some kind of salvation in the afterlife


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Why doesn't /biz/ schedule their own pump and dumps? There should be enough BTC here for it to work

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The Harmony team is clearly very hard working and dedicated to the project. They're working long days - not a good thing in the long run, but definitely good given their short-term prospects (Coinbase, Token Swap + Smart Contracts). They've been working directly with the community during this Pangaea event and with all of the positive news & events on the horizon I see not owning at least a suicide stack (100k) as being a big mistake.

If you have interests on buying in to a long term hold, seriously consider this project. Immerse yourself in the community and decide for yourself - they're a well-learned and well-meaning bunch.

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Yeah I was pretty blown away when I heard, did I, a lowly wagie anon, find a decent breadcrumb? Would me neat to have contributed something, I assumed some in the know would be wise besides me.

And yeah XRP brainlets have no answer for the settlements part of what FedNow allows.

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idk how it works over at redit but when someone post something they usally have a link to the source.


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don't know desu, you could think he is an asshole that left but maybe he left because he didn't had an other choice. Maybe struggling mentally, with the law, drugs etc.

I would leave my kid to if I was a bad example or risk taking him/her in my troubles.

I've been on the bender too anon, I got off and it took a while. But exercising did help me enormous (took a few months to see the physical and mental effects).

We all will make it

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I think travelling falls into the same set of memes as:

- Living in a big city is something to be desired
- Having sex with lots of women is something to be desired

i.e. they are interesting things to do in and of themselves for you to do, but ultimately prove to be shallow

The goal probably is to do all of those things at least once in your life (live in a big city for a couple of years, be a degenerate womanizer for a couple of years, travel the world for a couple of years) so that you know what they are like, and more importantly be in a position where you can brag that you did those things to other people, even if you ultimately did not enjoy it.

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I'd rather live frugal and don't wageslave my whole life than wageslave but visit whole world DESU. I guess that's just a matter of preference.

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You know me and I know you.

We will always keep in touch through you know who

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yes I've lived through it all

part of me wants to leave, but another part of me wants to stay here forever

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hopefully not

It's illegal in my shit country so I have to use backpage type sites. I also picked a chubby homely girl because I'd feel nervous around a hot one.

>disappointment, shouldn't have put in on a peda
I guess, but I just want to lose my V card and get over with it.

you don't say

nah senpai, she a girl, she sent me pussy pics

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it happen soon frens

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Teachers get 3 months off and only work 9 months.
They teach easy to understand material. They don't have to learn new HARD skills such as how engineers and cs guys have to.
Micromanagement is minimal (no one watching you 24/7 while you actually teach. Maybe once in a blue moon and even then, only for like 10 minutes).
Their jobs aren't fast paced either. They get to sit all day as well. Most importantly, it is NOT PROFIT DRIVEN in the sense that you don't have to squeeze out your life force as much as others do on a daily bases.
Teaching is the easiest job ever (and no, I'm not "hating". It's just a fact).
Why the fuck do I see people complain everytime I state this fact?
I'm becoming a teacher. It's easier than a general labor job. Easier than a truck driving job. Easier than engineering, cs, nursing, trades, etc. AND they make a lot too in certain states.
>b-but those rotten kids! They are toxic!
Oh, shut up. Most jobs are toxic. Kids are nothing.

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Not me.

I hold 50k link but I also have a career that I've been working on for the past three years. I've slowly started to become more and more social and people actually like chatting with me now.

My hope is to finally make some friends and lose my virginity.

Maybe once I achieve that, the universe will finally deem me worthy enough to be rich

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you guys are my best friends

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My gf and I are moving back to our old college town this week. I already quit my $60k electrical engineering job a few months ago; learned Solidity and tried freelancing on Upwork writing smart contracts, and it’s fun but very slow.

Planning on wagecucking for a bit until I can establish a seed fund for myself and wait for the golden bull.

Our rent’s ridiculously cheap (~$600), but it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere so even if I wanted to get a full-time cushy office/engineering job, I couldn’t. What should I do to pay the bills so I can sit at home autistically and trade all day? I considered package delivery for the USPS.

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>Tfw you realize the 30yo boomer meme is just wojak that grew up, stopped feeling depressed or angry at the world and just takes life as it comes.
I hope you all make it anons
Praise Kek

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cashies on suicide watch. look at the anger they lash out in. all these retards are missing the boat imagine they’ll be shooting up malls and shit in rage

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what’s with all the tripfag larpers on this board? can we ban names? what the fuck happened to muh anonymous

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unironically not an argument

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an actual apology is in order faggots. you tricked newfags into ignoring the one coin that would have saved them.

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he's a bch supporter

i dont think he will live much longer either, he doesn't appear to realize the age of his own body.

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