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>tfw not big muscle mommy to feed milk to me

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>tfw down 20%
6 announcements in 6 weeks! binance pretty much confirmed!

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What a tragedy anon

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I'm becoming demoralized. I'm okay on physical gold/silver, I bought most in '19, but I'm getting killed on my gold miners and it's starting to take a toll.

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Jeez F anon.

I'm glad I only threw a few hundred at this company.

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I strongly discourage you to do so fren, i did it and now my day is fucking ruined.

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It's a beautiful french wife, stop being mean with her

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Oh no, I don't want to live with Parisians, Paris is beautiful, but Parisians are often assholes. It's like Californians, they ruin everything when they emigrate

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>mfw i thought silver was the most reflective element so i started to stack but then i saw Alexis' teeth
wtf bros it's over isn't it

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Please teach me how to leverage trade BTC and other large cap alts I'm sick and tired of playing with lowcap shitcoins.

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I sometimes dream about growing up during the 50's in the states.
>Wonderful youth
>My father would point at niggers and say:
>"Look anon, a nigger, spit at him"
>Met my beautiful wife during highschool, still together
>Having 6 kids, 4 boys and 2 girls
>Hard working job but very decent income
>Beautiful house with a loving wife cooking perfectly
>My stocks would go up naturally and not because of QE
>Living now in Florida thanks to the millions I would've made due to the booming markets

>Grew up in the 90's (wonderful youth)
>Got into labour market during 2008 crash
>Automatically priced out from everything
>Finding decent place to rent is literally impossible unless you share
>Have to accept communist political agenda or else you get cancelled from everything
>To find wife material is even more difficult than finding decent place to live

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Please biz I need to get into 5 figure hell asap

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>tfw outperformed by a stupid dog-coin

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>tfw u know what the obelisks are for

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the crypto space we knew and loved over the bear market is over
fuck gas fees
fuck dogecoin
fuck this african american shill
fuck "wow this is under a cent and it could go to 1k" people
fuck the bull market
fuck kikes
and most importantly fuck jannies

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> tfw you don't have a black gf
hold me bros

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>mfw I lost out on hundreds on dollar swingtrading as a poorfag when BNB was at $0.07 pumping to $0.17
> could have just held and made more money

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All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces

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I have a presentation later today. I'm autism social anxiety so I am currently shitting my guts out. Ready to off myself. It never gets easier.

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I found one but she left me for Chad.
It's fine though because it turned out she was an Onlyfans thot this whole time.
I'm fucking tired of being a slave to my libido and constantly needing women/getting rekt by them. So tired bros, I just want to stop caring about them.

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It happens OP. I was tracking BAO, DOGE & DONUT before their pumps. Lost out on a projects 75k dollars.

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>mfw i could’ve bought DOGE, DONUT, BAO & RBC a day before their pump

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if your refugees come here, where will we go?

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