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I accept your will

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Rich NEET/ self-employed here. I do a lot of /night walks/.
It's 5:40 am here, I got up early today. I will probably watch the sunrise from my rooftop terrace with a cup of coffee. Max comfy.

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All mooning on that vaccine news, maybe there is hope for these bags after all frens

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CCL bros, is this the turning point for us?

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oilbros, are we gonna make it?

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not sure - in oil and a few memes as recent purchases, but even safer stocks like AMD, WMT and V are fucking things up for me at the moment

Might just sit it out and wait. markets are moving irrationally - this week there has been not much new news, yet markets have been up and down. There was nothing different that made Mon and yesterday green that wasn't there to make the other three days red - some of them big red.

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Nasdaq is permanently overbought.... plus it still outperformed the other markets.

I don't get today I really don't

I get the initial corona crash that happened, even the small recovery before it continued - I just don't get how you go from yesterday with most things gaining solidly to a massive pullback on literally no new news.

Literally nothing changed.

I'd get it if it did, or even a culmination of a few days of indecision and bad news gradually took us here etc - but to bounce from one extreme to another is the mark of a shitcoin

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I bought a lottery ticket for tonights euromillions a few days back on my birthday, whilst the GCP dot was red and whilst visualising the win

its coming in I can feel it - we live in a simulation bros, digits and patterns matter

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We're all going to make it frens

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Civilization is close to collapsing and only now do I truly realize that I wasted my life.

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>start medical school
>witness autopsy
>realize life is a meme

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6 days to go

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Who's still here? /biz/ feels more empty than ever. Crypto keeps bleeding out, /pol/ raids us every night, moderation is getting super strict b/c 4channel, etc. Is this the end?
If it is, it's been a nice ride, but as long as this board is alive, I just want to know who's still with us.
Post your holdings. I cashed out of crypto a few months ago and won a bit from AMD. Doubt I'll go back in while we're sliding like this, but I keep my eyes peeled.

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