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nope, I have my own consulting firm and have never been busier with my own projects
however, I am looking to collaborate with the chainlink team for a specific project we are currently working on related to electrical grid optimization

my crypto mining and investments are still a side-business for me at this point
eventually I do want to shift over full time since I am tired of working with government bureaucracies
even as the government's consultant, their incompetence and outright criminal collaboration is indicating to me that governments are a dying institution


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Excited to see what happens at smartcon
I'm away at a cottage that week so I'll miss the live event, but will definitely tune in after the presentations are posted

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I've been telling people to buy linkpool shares for over a year now
they can't say we didn't warn them

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the metric system is useful in that regard
in my studies in quantum mechanics, the most zoomed in I got was around the "pico" range 10^-12

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