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ohnononono lmao

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Bros, I bought DNN at 1.25 this morning, how fucked am I?

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i am 30 and have zero in my 401k, never have had more than 6k at one time in my entire life.

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Atlantic T2A vet reporting in

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Stay comfy anon, i'm having a good time watching pajeets and normies falling for the shakedown

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This thing aint just going to Explode, its going to go ThermoNuclear

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DFEN, and it will quite literally 'blow up.'

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he's literally the most based&chad person i've seen on /biz/ in weeks

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im only on a work visa my goy and cant get a permit let alone purchase a firearm.

America is unironically fucking based, i was planning on getting citizenship in Canada but America seems so much more appealing everyday

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I'm taking ritalin which keeps me awake and forward leaning, but I still space out and daydream a lot.
I'm gonna switch to adderall to see if it turns me into a better machine. I'm looking for the ability to really focus and concentrate on things.

I'm looking for tunnel-vision in a pill. Ritalin keeps my mind running on a hamster wheel and gives me the internal motor to continue giving a shit after 30 minutes, which is better than my situation before.

I've found that I do best in life when I limit the amount of entertainment I consume. Less video games, less media, less news, less 4chan. I shouldn't be here. I should be doing some programming work in R right now. I even enjoy R. But I'm just a dumb monkey brained bitch addicted to reading other people's dumb comments on the internet. This also might be a self-esteem thing. Once I actually become more skilled at my trade, I'll be less likely to care what you retards have to say.

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felt like an idiot for selling at $10.3, now I feel like a god

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Holy fuck lmfao!

If you are this retarded you deserve to lose everything

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Cosmoline and Super Male Vitality

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