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>they never mentioned AVAX
Blind? illiterate? they literally used the Fuji Testnet for it. Thats Avalanche.
see pic here >>56342896
the ANZ guy that was at SmartCon was also previously at the 2nd Avalanche Summit and is a big fan of Avalanche.

>show me a single institution
Bank of America, also in that post that you somehow replied to and ignored: >>56342363
Seriously, are you illiterate or something or why do I have to repeat myself for you?

here is more:

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LINK and AVAX will absolutely CRUSH the MEVniggers

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Avalanche offers custom, easy-to-deploy subnets and blockchains that can connect to any datasource through Chainlink and Avalanche Warp Messaging.
In general, everyone wants their own virtual machine for all kinds of private and public blockchains, across various use cases such as gaming and tradfi.
Additionally, they also want sub-second finality and at scale, and only Avalanche can deliver that.

Running these subnets requires staking and delegation of AVAX, which means less AVAX is available on the market.
as of right now, most of the circulating AVAX is staked or delegated to validators, AVAX is also hard-capped and deflationary due to fee-burning mechanism.
As Avalanche can scale to millions of validators and subnets, its long-term potential for growth is high.

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>someone wants to run a subnet
>deploy custom VM with AWS
>thanks to Avalanche Warp Messaging between Subnets the new Subnet has access to all Chainlink Data Feeds and Services right out of the Box

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>Ethereum was to handle Web3
was replaced by Avalanche and its Subnets. Thats were all the web3 action is gonna be in the future.
meanwhile Ethereum is centralized and still cant scale.

>Cost-prohibitive network
Avalanche solved this.

>Scalable Layer 1 with low fees
>Decentralized oracle solution
Its Avalanche, their new Warp Protocol also lowers the costs for Chainlink by a magnitude of 1000x

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good for AVAX and bullish for LINK.
if these arent already the main pillars of your portfolio you are a Laggard and a nigger and will never make it.

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