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AVAX, IOTA, HBAR, & NANO are the generation 3 era versions of cryptocurrency. These platforms all utilize block lattice technology, have reduced fees to pennies, or in some cases have completely removed them. Not only this, they have solved the cryptocurrency trilemma and can actually scale to serve the world at large. If you are in this space for the tech, and for the revolution we have started with BTC and ETH to continue, chances are you are already familiar with these platforms. But one thing comes with enlightenment, and that is ignorance of what is seen as beneath you.

Therefore, I propose this thread as a meeting grounds for the minds who are invested in the future of cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and decentralized computing, leading to an eventual decentralized system of governance. Please share and shill your generation 3 crypto here, and perhaps we can determine which one is the most likely for the next moon, and possibly benefit from all of them, rather than just min-maxing a single one.

FTM and DAG fags are also welcome, although I think we all know these are shit tier at best, and vaporware at worst.

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>Quadruple bottom pullback after an insane 2 month run to 58k
>Institutional investors, banks, billionaires getting involved
>USD being printed and devalued like it is Wiemar Germany

We are not going below 45k until the real crash happens. Right now, we are playing a game of musical chairs, where weak handed faggots sell, where those who are not confident in their investments flee, be it at a loss or for mere pennies in gain.

BTC will stay between the 45k area and the mid to low 50k area for the next 2 weeks, perhaps with some fluctuation but it will not leave these areas for long if so.

What happens next, while we go sideways, is what you all have been waiting for.

Alt Season may now commence.

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Not poetry and I'm laughing at you children talk about cars with the same mindset you have about women. Why do you settle for trash ? I am here to help and no one said I had to be nice about it. I will tell you the only car thats luxury and reliability with a tag price you cant afford.

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>I don't know it is getting very religious, biblical character in America
I would say around the world
everywhere I go, I'm seeing people around me explicitly talking about God and Jesus

a bunch of us are being activated by the Holy Spirit and there is a great awakening taking place, hence why they send their demons to stop it at all costs

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sent, love the alex grey and 10k buy orders btw

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Hey buddy nice to see you

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Hashgraph looks legit, but you don't have to be a brainwashed kike about it. You should use your gains for doing good rather than being a money grabber glooobalist who only cares about himself

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*YAWN* Just woke up from the best mid day nap. Fuck, the price is still where it was. It makes me so happy knowing that some of you are so bitter and vile that you are not going to be able to physically perform the actions required to purchase this investment until it is too late. I know it sounds /x/ tier but I truly believe we are fated to live our lives following our thoughts and actions that we make as we are living life. These trends are set, beliefs are forged, and as we grow older we become more like habitual machines than conscious human beings. And this is where both the traps and rewards lay. If you are a scammer for instance, you will naturally gravitate towards scam oriented methods to make money. However if you want nothing to do with that lifestyle, you will naturally avoid these and gravitate towards something a bit more concrete, perhaps something that reminds you more of yourself. So here we are. Sorry for the stream of consciousness but I literally just woke up and probably still have some melatonin and dmt firing about. We are all going to make it. However, some of us are going to make it more than others.

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NanoQuake: https://twitter.com/nanoquake?lang=en

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I would start off by farming potions and ethers and reselling them. Maybe start a distribution chain. Eventually move to areas with better drops and then corner the market in the slums selling hi-potions and hi-ethers, while spreading rumors to my customers and bar patrons that potions and ethers of the normal quality and what are commonly sold are inferior and/or adulterated.


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Wrong image. Very weird

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>The more the pair perceives the metaphor, the more powerful they will be in driving their spiritual evolution and that of their species. Synchronicities related to the relationship will abound.
My waifu and I go through these experiences all the time together. It’s made us grow in our love for one another.

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>Saturn is associated with the devil
That depends
Based on my research on the topic it appears that “Saturn” is the God of Moses and Jesus
It has to do with electromagnetism and time.

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Watch the Kleck video I linked earlier in the thread. He goes into more detail than I can spell out in writing. Other anons talk about it as well. There’s a reason for the cliche of “the eyes being windows into the soul”

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playing and completing that game at age 12 had profound effects on me
thank you Kojima

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back to the OP topic at-hand

Wolpert is having a baseline FAQ thread on reddit for interested readers:

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Just bought another 5k worth in fact. We are hitting $10 and soon. The growth pattern over the past 2 weeks speaks for itself, as does the bottom which has been firmly rejected, more than once I might add. In a dream, my cat informed me that he was holding approximately 50,000 NANO. He tells me the future is bright and full of adventure, as he sips his cocktail from Canggu, Bali.

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I will have to consult my oracle first.

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Because of the lack of fees and the ability to send micropayments, we could even see "sub-cellular" transfers of energy in the form of currency take place. As in a machine paying other machines in a network for data based on bandwidth usage, or perhaps for proprietary content served up by research facilities. This could be applied to any style of corporation that is data oriented, or even corporations in general, as payments and wages can be distributed via work performed based on outside metrics rather than an hourly wage paid bi-weekly. People working and receiving the income immediately as work is performed, or product sold, allowing every element of the chain to profit from the end sale.

While uses like the above are the most common when it comes to potential usage, I think we are not only really missing the idea of micropayments and machine2machine transfers, but rather creating or determining value for things that we currently do not consider valuable... like upvotes, likes, tweets, etc. One could even create a system where value is directly correlated to content.

The best part is, you don't even need anything too complicated to do this. We can do all this now with the technology currently available, including Nano in its current state. So many people are looking for the biggest and baddest next thing. What they miss, is simplicity. And through simplicity, great things can be constructed.

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