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kek fuddies

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At this point, it's beyond dispute that the team is the best and most professional in crypto, right?

Every time they implement a feature, it works, there are no major hacks or failures. The tiny handful of issues the fudders try to grasp onto (silver feed, circuit breakers) are not due to any systemic issues with link and instead due to fatheaded idiots misusing it. Every rollout is done 100% correctly, meaning: take a long-ass time getting the code perfect, thoroughly tested. Then just roll out ONE proof of concept, build usage, build trust, gather data. Then expand. They did this to perfection with price feeds, VRF, keepers. Now they are doing the exact same correct approach with staking.

This is why I can't fathom how idiots on here are UPSET at this slow release for staking. You know if they fuck it up, all your tokens go to zero, right? And if they released too much at once, they would burn through their staking reserve funds rather than building organic demand? You guys are like the losers who have to use lighter fluid to start a fire. Also, Sergey & Co's stewardship of the link tokens has been fucking masterful from a perspective of building a successful project. Perfect ICO from a legal perspective, then they dumped during the bull run to build an enormous war chest of funds, and now can poach god-tier talent during the bear market to keep building chainlink better.

Seeing this smart, conservative plan for rolling out staking successfully should make you more bullish than you've ever been. Truly cannot understand how you mongs consume the volume of link news that you do yet somehow don't understand how good the current news and roadmap is.

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Can somebody tell me why we still have poor people when the internet exists? I used to make $10k a year, no degree, 70+ hour work weeks, and now I'm retired before 30. All I did was read books and do research using free sources online and invest my money. That was the barrier to becoming a millionaire. Everybody, even poor people, have smartphones with 4G minimum at this point in time. For the cost of a phone bill they could learn like I did. Why don't they teach this shit in schools? I mean I know why, make sure you don't start the normies asking THOSE questions, but it really seems like it's all theater. The "work hard and be successful" thing legitimately works, and people act like it doesn't. To clarify I am a white male from a middle class family so I'm identified as part of the problem but I've been poor with $10 to my name before. Rice and beans every day for two years before I upgraded to rice and chicken.

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Yes I do, and because I didn't waste money on rent like you did, I can afford to buy a house without a mortgage while you drown on debt.

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the Delphi memes were instructions on how to reach the secret IRC server only accessible by meditating with brain scanning machines that were hooked up to the secret electric wire internet

If you know, you know

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Anons who are millionaires, what are some productive things you do in your daily life that make life more enjoyable? I literally do nothing all day except read books, workout in my home gym and shitpost on /biz/. I don't feel like applying for jobs because I own 75k Link. But I don't want to waste my life either. There's nothing outside I can do because this country is in lockdown (Netherlands).

Also what pleasures do you guys endulge in, to cool off after a long day (other than jerking off).

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brain damaged?

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You do know Microsoft released an announcement endorsing CL, right?

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Is it ok to marry a woman who makes way more money than me? Gf is in med school, but I have 5 digit Link.

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Skipping $14 and going straight to $15. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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for anyone curios

1MM, not 10...and this happened over a day ago

AND they've been hiring a lot of new people and they all need their 12 big macs a day as outlined in the whitpaper

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checked brother

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fix bug where price is <$1000

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yea it's really over guys, please don't buy LINK... or you will end up rich.

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digits confirm

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Anon in the video above he did say link a bill of lading (lending/landing?) with an oracle to cut down on compliance costs (all documents are updated at the same time)
Yep I'm thinking based.

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what is middleware you stupid tranny

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