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get in or get left behind

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Its the best time to get in pivvr right now. The dip shook out weak hand and pajeets. And its on its way up again. Dont compare it to the shitcoins you see across this board, this is the next step in defi and PoL tokents, cmc and coingecko listing confirmed. first burn happened and the next one is in a week, when the stablecoin which it will be paired with will be minted and launched too. Dont be like the rest of biz and buy tokens after they mooned because pajeets sold you their bags. I warned you. You have seen nothing of this project yet. Its recovering and its going to be huge. No more retards left to dump for loss because they are impatient. The ath will be surpassed 0xf7a6acd437edc08320ab17644bb5963753a4e6d8

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Do you hate money? pajeets and weak hands are officially out. It is impossible for the token to fall beneath the current price.Get in and buy the dip from the retards that sold it. If you cant make money with this project you will never make money period. every person with above 50 iq will be loading up rn. You have not seen anything of it yet. Dont be typical biztards and fomo after it moons. Dont compare this token with the lazy shitcoins you see in this board. This is is the next step in defi and PoL tokens. I warned you

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